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[Gr.,=putting to sleep], to induce an altered state of consciousness characterized by deep relaxation and heightened suggestibility. The term was originally coined by James Braid in 1842 to describe a phenomenon previously known as animal magnetism or mesmerism (see
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an antiscientific medical system promoted by the Austrian physician (of Swiss origin) F. Mesmer (1734–1815) and based on the notion of animal magnetism, widespread at the end of the 18th century in France and Germany. Mesmer believed that the planets affect man through a special magnetic force and that a person in command of this force can emit it to others to favorably influence the course of all diseases. The untenability of the theory was demonstrated in 1774 by a special commission that included A. L. Lavoisier.


Hypnotism induced by animal magnetism, a supposed force passing from operator to subject.
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7) Of the quotations Aspiz included, the following first appear in the 1842 Whitman editorial: "[s]ome seasons ago," "a devout disbeliever in the science of Animal Magnetism," "there is such a thing as Mesmeric sleep," and "strange things done by the subject at the will of the Magnetizer.
Goldstein's expertly achieved historical detective work enriches the reader with knowledge on early- nineteenth-century French medicine, law, politics, religion, gender relations, spas, and animal magnetism.
I had never seen anything like it: the technical control, the elevation, the crackling animal magnetism, the stage presence that filled the performing space even when he was standing still.
Script makes Serge self-involved and not very likeable, and Pietra pretty much a cipher: Todeschini does his best to supply a wounded animal magnetism, but Regnier is wasted in her role.
Mills (English, Kalamazoo College) examines the works of Poe and Fuller for their reflections of contemporary images and theories of animal magnetism, somnambulism and hypnosis.
Among the titles are the clamshell mirrors, animal magnetism, superconducting magnets, pins and spin, local fields forever, image charge, and curved reality.
While judges examine such breed standards as structure, temperament and movement, a little animal magnetism helps, said David Calderwood of Eugene, a professional dog handler and American Kennel Club judge since 1998.
Corrie's Suranne Jones oozes animal magnetism, Kat looks like Terry Scott in a Ronnie Wood wig.
Animal magnetism was inextricably linked in most British minds with France and its revolution.
The old literature refers to this force as animal magnetism, ectenic force, fluids, human radiations, magnetism, nervous force, od, psychic force, and vital energy.
First, there was a generation of authors who saw evidence in animal magnetism that might be able to shed light on the history of the unconscious.