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That is because it did not fit with the methodological cannon Thorndike's dissertation had imposed on animal psychology research since its 1898 publication: rigorous experimental methodology, a dependent variable measured quantitatively, a control group, and ample sample size.
Watson's proscription of anthropomorphism was picked up by Skinner and became mainstream in animal psychology.
He says: "My job involves a lot of animal psychology, something which I think is innate.
Clair holds a bachelor's degree in animal psychology from Pennsylvania State University.
Both cover historical aspects of how animals have been viewed and treated in Western philosophy and science plus historical and recent developments in animal psychology and ethology, and both criticize the way animals are and have been treated.
com experts cover topics as diverse as parenting, saltwater fishing, Web page design, tax advice, home buying tips, animal psychology, international adoptions, interior decorating, software programming, health, fitness, travel, paleontology, and many others.
Written by a well-known Austrian expert on cat behavior and animal psychology, "Fun and Games for Cats
Dr June McNicholas, a specialist in animal psychology and pet ownership at the University of Warwick, knows only too well how allowing a pet to rule the roost can ruin your life.
TREATMENT: It has nothing to do with animal psychology - just a bigger playground.
Vets are trained in animal psychology and there's quite a few specialists in the country.

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