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And even less plausible would be to argue that drawing the line between things living (muzi) and non-living in what in Descola's typology would have to be called a 'naturalist' way, represents a similar infiltration into a dominant Nage 'animist' ontology mostly reflected in a relatively small number of myths.
The idea of becoming a social being by taking on the vitality of an animal or of some elemental force may seem peculiar to the Western mind, but it makes complete sense from an animist perspective that, according to Graham Harvey, views the world as comprised "of persons, only some of whom are human" (Harvey xi).
First, the majority of the inhabitants of the south are animists (65 percent) followed by Muslim (percent) and then Christians (17 percent) - even according to statistics published by the World Council of Churches in 1981.
It is earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature." His literary and philosophical sensibilities come from elsewhere, from safe European ideas about a perfectible nature that cares nothing for the uncanny, edgy or animist perspective that one often finds in Canadian fiction.
The women whipped earlier this month included some from animist and Christian south Sudan where the Muslim north's Sharia or Islamic law does not apply.
The Dayak's traditional local animist religions are explored.
In early 2005 it emerged from a 21-year civil war between the Arab and mainly Muslim north and the African Animist and Christian south, which has cost the lives of more than 2m people and displaced nearly 6m others.
The History of Animist Theory: Moderns Making Sense, and Non-sense, of the Pre-modern
-They also discussed the peace agreement that ended decades of civil war between Sudan's mainly slamic north and its animist and Christian south.
An earlier fiction, the superbly allegorical Monnew, was a loving, skeptical, pyrotechnic, and rather jaunty novel evoking what colonialism felt like to its African victims, how the historical, linguistic, and metaphysical baggage of the imperium was translated into a Malinke culture half animist and half islamic, and how the corrupt black nationalists and one-party state behaved after the French fled.
Emerson's champion--his father, Jory--is not just a postal carrier, but also an animist and shaman.
Signed in January 2005 between the government of Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army, the peace agreement halted one of Africa's longest and bloodiest conflicts, which pitted the mainly Christian and animist south against the Muslim north.