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(gäp), city (1990 pop. 35,647), capital of Hautes-Alpes dept., SE France, on the Luye River at the foot of the Dauphiné Alps. A center for tourism, Gap is an agricultural market that manufactures clothing, wood products, and construction materials. Founded by Augustus c.14 B.C., it was the capital of medieval Gapençais, which was annexed to the crown of France in 1512. The city was devastated during the Wars of Religion (16th cent.).
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A region not adequately covered by the main lobes of a radar antenna.
(computer science)
A uniformly magnetized area in a magnetic storage device (tape, disk), used to indicate the end of an area containing information.
The spacing between two electric contacts.
A break in a closed magnetic circuit, containing only air or filled with a nonmagnetic material.
A short region that is missing in one strand of a double-stranded deoxyribonucleic acid.
Any sharp, deep notch in a mountain ridge or between hills.
An opening at the point of closest approach between faces of members in a weld joint.
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An opening, as in a wall; an open joint.
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i. Any space where the imagery fails to meet the minimum coverage requirements. This might be a space not covered by imagery or one where the minimum specified overlap was not obtained.
ii. Breaks in continuous radar coverage. See gap-filler radar.
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1. a break in a line of hills or mountains affording a route through
2. Chiefly US a gorge or ravine
3. Electronics
a. a break in a magnetic circuit that increases the inductance and saturation point of the circuit
b. See spark gap
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(mathematics, tool)
Groups Algorithms and Programming.

A system for symbolic mathematics for computational discrete algebra, especially group theory, by Johannes Meier, Alice Niemeyer, Werner Nickel, and Martin Schonert of Aachen. GAP was designed in 1986 and implemented 1987. Version 2.4 was released in 1988 and version 3.1 in 1992.

Sun version.

["GAP 3.3 Manual, M. Schonert et al, Lehrstuhl D Math, RWTH Aachen, 1993].
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(1) The space between blocks of data on magnetic tape.

(2) The space in a read/write head over which magnetic flux (energy) flows causing the underlying magnetic tape or disk surface to become magnetized in the corresponding direction.
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In our study, a positive correlation was found between anion gap and QTc interval, though ketone levels could not be determined.
While the typical reference range for the anion gap is broad, e.g.
We present a case of acute, refractory, distributive shock with hyperosmolar anion gap metabolic lactic acidosis secondary to PG toxicity in a patient receiving PG at doses previously believed to be associated with low risk of toxicity.
We included the following variables in the POC model: [K.sup.+], i[Ca.sup.2+], and creatinine levels; anion gap; amount of TC[O.sub.2]; glucose levels; and hemoglobin levels.
"Both lower bicarbonate and higher anion gap are independently associated with insulin resistance." The next quote provides more detail on the relationship between urine pH and insulin resistance:
She was treated with intravenous 5% Dextrose with half normal saline and insulin in the emergency room before being transferred to the Intensive care unit, but the anion gap didn't close despite continued intravenous 5% Dextrose and insulin administration 24 hours later.
His arterial blood gas (ABG) done on admission with ABL800 Basic while breathing room air showed pH 6.907, PC[O.sub.2] 7 mm Hg, P[O.sub.2] 131mm Hg, HC[O.sub.3.sup.-] 4.1 mmol/L, and blood lactate 21 mmol/L (normal range: 0.7-2.1 mmol/L) suggestive of severe high anion-gap metabolic acidosis with anion gap of 44.2 mmol/L (normal range, 12 [+ or -] 2 mmol/L).
Laboratory testing and diagnosis of methanol and ethylene glycol are based on the presence of a high anion gap metabolic acidosis, presence of a serum osmolal gap (a difference between measured osmolality and calculated osmolality [greater than or equal to] 10), and measuring the levels of the toxic alcohols which is used for confirmation (typically these tests are not time sensitive, and treatment should not be withheld in any patient suspected of having toxic alcohol ingestion).
The anion gap is a calculated value based on the principle of electroneutrality which refer to that the total anions in the body must be equal to the total cations (Dibartolam 2006; LeRoy 2005 ).With titrational metabolic acidosis the anion gap is increased which were indicated in the present study .