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Irregular, alternating muscular contractions and relaxations.



rhythmic contractions, in rapid succession, of single muscles or muscle groups. Clonus may be either spontaneous or provoked by external stimulation.

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13 Knee and ankle clonus 1986 [12] Major and 13f Transient loss of Huizenga sensation below the 1988 [13] waist and inability to move LL after fall on rib hub 5f No 11m No Deguchi 12f Weakness of the LL, et al.
They reported the most sensitive test was an exaggerated patellar tendon reflex (94%), followed by the Hoffmann sign (81%), Babinski sign (53%), and ankle clonus (35%).
Physical examination revealed left ankle clonus, positive Babinski sign on the left, and left lower extremity weakness.
Motor examination of the lower limbs showed hypertonia hyperreflexia ankle clonus and bilaterally up going planters.