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the first ancient Roman historians to write in prose and arrange events in chronological sequence, annually (hence the title annalists). The works of the annalists were marked by a patriotic bias. They are divided into the elder (third to the first half of the second centuries B.C.), middle (second half of the second century B.C.), and younger annalists (first half of the first century B.C.); sometimes the middle and younger annalists are merged together.

The elder annalists employed fasti (the list of high magistrates), annals, family chronicles, the evidence of witnesses, and their own observations as sources, which on the whole made for the reliability of their information; they wrote primarily in Greek. The best known are Quintus Fabius Pictor (the author of the Annals, in which he gives an account of Roman history from legendary times [Aeneas] to the end of the second Punic War [201 B.C.]), L. Cincius Alimentus, M. Porcius Cato the Elder, and others. The middle annalists used the same sources as the elders but enlivened their exposition with curiosities (as, for example, L. Cassius Hemina) or attempted to provide a rational explanation of myths (L. Calpurnius Piso). The works of the younger annalists are less reliable: to be entertaining, they resorted to exaggeration, dramatic effects, and even fabrication, frequently carrying over the political and social motives of their own times into remote epochs. The younger annalists include Claudius Quadrigarius, Valerius Antias, Alius Tubero, and others. The middle and younger annalists wrote in Latin.

The works of the annalists have reached us either in small fragments or by mention of later historians—Titus Livius (Livy), Plutarch, and others. Fragments of the works of the annalists were published in Historicorum romanorum fragmenta, edited by H. Peter, Leipzig, 1883.


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A 120-foot wing with unusually spacious cells for the nuns was added to the Hopital during one of her several terms as its financial officer or dep ositaire The annalist saw Mother St.
As Annalist, Mistress of Boarders and contributor to the Lilies and other publications, St.
And I have to admit that there is indeed an irony that it was such a one who recorded and preserved this instance of the true beauty of the Irish heritage: Kevin's story, after all, appears in the writings of Giraldus Cambrensis, one of the people who invaded Ireland in the twelfth century, one whom the Irish-language annalist Geoffrey Keating would call, five hundred years later, "the bull of the herd of those who wrote the false history of Ireland.
He rejects the ideological currents which are found in Annalist founder Lucien Febvre's ferocious attacks against biography and political history, and still are on full display with second-generation Annales leader Ferdinand Braudel whose Marxist preferences put him on the side of a history preferring explanations based on long-term cycles and underlying structures rather than reconstructing narratives of distinct historical events and changes.
First as Financial Editor of Forbes and later as Editor of The Annalist, a weekend section of the New York Times.
This was a distinct break with medieval Muslim annalists and chroniclers, from al-Tabari to al-Maqrizi, who were usually concerned with Islamic history irrespective of geographical boundaries.
Casual visitors to the Folger exhibition would have no grounds to imagine that before anyone set pen to paper in Anglo-Saxon, in Ireland was an advanced and literate Celtic Christian culture with scribes, monasteries, filid, bards, brehons, annalists, and poets.
In her multidimensional survey MacLean not only invokes annalists such as Grafton and Camden to find what were the most convenient or accessible roads available to the players in their travels, but she also scrutinizes their playing venues.
His victories are incredible and even the most perspicacious annalists fail to explain what has made him achieve such a success".
New voters would not be party political as the core voters and this would throw political annalists into chaos, not sure which way the vote would go.