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annex, annexe

A subsidiary structure near or adjoining a larger principal building.
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The US "patriots," for instance, spread rumors of revolt throughout Havana, inspiring discontent with the Spanish government to further annexationist aims; the Spanish government itself, likewise, played on creole fears of black unrest by threatening to emancipate the slaves should the creoles continue pursuing annexation (Nwankwo 2006, 585-86; Perez 1990, 48).
Groups such as the Puerto Rican section of the Cuban Revolutionary Party advocated strong pro-American annexationist tendencies.
However, the United States continued to entertain annexationist proposals and imperial ambitions during the postbellum period, after slavery's demise in the United States.
we have to correct it, we have to reform it to change the policies of the annexationist polices of annexing land, annexing people, annexing houses, etc, etc, etc.
And that is becoming more difficult to achieve in face of the annexationist policies of the Likud-led government that retains control of large chunks of the West Bank and continues building Jewish settlements there.
Slavery and annexationist desires for Cuba made the island a location that implicitly gave her letters a certain noteworthiness in and beyond national borders.
It is really frightening that we are chasing shadows on five continents only to find that the Israelis create the reality on the ground, and are about to roll out their expansionist and annexationist program.
Macdonald believed that a viable continental federation would provide a countervailing force to the annexationist ambitions of the United States.
Schultz's view represented the central-Canadian annexationist viewpoint as expressed in his newspaper The Nor'Wester.
For example, the fate of Canada as annexationist proclivities of its neighbor ebbed and flowed, Britain's other world wide preoccupations as it entered into relations with the U.
Unlike a colonial or annexationist power, the military occupier wants to get out of the occupation business--but only when a certain endstate is achieved.
He did not favor a long occupation of the island, nor was he an annexationist.