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annex, annexe

A subsidiary structure near or adjoining a larger principal building.
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The actions of the Hawaiian-American annexationists and American minister Stevens and Captain Wiltse were for naught.
For Delany, however, much as the Colonization Society was a tool of the slave power, arguments for benevolent US white reform of Cuba are imperialist subterfuge, an insidious false consciousness propagandized by US annexationists who desired to control Cuba in order to further slaveholding interests.
His invasion plans took into consideration the existence of a small group of Puerto Ricans with strong annexationist tendencies.
"When the American Civil War ended in 1865, demobilizing Union forces sang a verse of Yankee Doodle, which concluded 'Secession first, he would put down; Wholly and forever; And afterwards from Britain's Crown; He Canada would sever.' Annexationists eyeing the Prairies and infiltrating Louis Riel's inner circle certainly led to a greater push for the continental railroad and the establishment of the paramilitary North-West Mounted Police, now the RCMP.
Cleveland withdrew the treaty and tried to find some way to repair the damage that the annexationists had done.
To recognize the ideological sleight of hand here, it is worth remembering that many annexationists desired to cede little agency to Cuba; whereas Cuba sought statehood and political self-determination, many annexationists--although not necessarily the Southerners who wanted more slave states--wished to make Cuba a territory without national self-representation.
In 1891, proclaiming that "a British subject I was born, a British subject I will die," while pointing to evidence of close ties of some Liberals to American annexationists, Macdonald "saved" the country and the system he had made.
This most right wing of Israeli Prime Ministers heads a coalition government of extremists and annexationists that are hell bent on derailing the peace process.
In 1977, the Pol Pot regime, claiming a 'unilateral right to propose alterations' (6) to the border, broke off negotiations with an equally blameworthy Hanoi regime that it accused of being 'expansionists, annexationists and swallowers of territory'.
As Thomas Hietala has shown, annexationists used these "figures" to discredit abolitionists who claimed that westward growth would disproportionately benefit slaveholders.
annexationists and navy strategic planners who aimed to make Hawai'i the property of the United States.
In his responsorial essay to the New York Times, entitled "The Vindication of Cuba," Marti debunks the divisional nature of the annexationists in Cuba and the United States who threatened the revolutionary cause with their plans of uniting with the United States.