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annex, annexe

A subsidiary structure near or adjoining a larger principal building.
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SAN ANTONIO - A special session of the Texas Legislature is still a month away, but state lawmakers are already setting the stage for the next debate over one of the session's most contentious issues: annexation reform.
Our organization, Oregon Communities for a Voice in Annexations, was formed in 1996 to protect these local decisions.
This article addresses the array of benefit and cost factors that should be considered when, as part of its growth policy, a city considers the annexation of adjacent or nearby unincorporated areas.
Antonovich pledging some $25,000 to help west-side communities study their finances and governance options, the city might get into the game tonight, matching the pledge by helping to pay for an annexation study.
Paul Kelly, a member of the Little Rock board of directors, submitted a proposed ordinance last month that the city have no annexation for five years so it can study the long-term costs.
One bill limits annexations across county lines but otherwise leaves the old problems in place.
However, additional residential growth appears likely through annexations of portions of the city's sizable extraterritorial jurisdiction.
The board will revisit the issue in January after reviewing a proposal to level the playing field between proponents and opponents of Florence area annexations.
Over the years, the city has completed 28 annexations, most recently adding the Stonecrest neighborhood in the east valley in July.
Potential annexations, while likely to increase operating and capital needs, would also generate substantial property tax receipts for the system.
Bozievich said state law requires the county's sign-off on such annexations, because the commissioners are also the local Board of Health, with authority over such matters.
City officials will broach annexing the 250-acre property, which Striplin says would not necessarily be more complex than the city's other 26 annexations.