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annex, annexe

A subsidiary structure near or adjoining a larger principal building.
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Stotter suggested the board adopt rules regarding annexations when the city wants to acquire land to address a public health concern, and those in which the wishes of property owners should be balanced against people who live on the land but don't own it, like renters.
In the case of Memphis' annexation of one part of Cordova, the owner of a $250,000 house would have seen annual taxes almost double from only the Shelby County property tax ($2,368.
But officials acknowledge the study was not tailored to answer questions related to annexation to Santa Clarita or creation of a new city.
I'm not against annexation," says Kelly, senior program coordinator at Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.
They rarely have trouble doing any of this, since state laws on annexation are usually written by people with the same beliefs.
But realistically, Brubaker said, lands that potentially would be annexed under the triple-majority approach are overwhelmingly populated with single-family residential property owners, which means annexations would not move forward without consent from a majority of them.
The intention of the bill is to restore the fiscal viability of new incorporations and annexations and it's certainly helping,'' said Michael Coleman, a fiscal policy adviser to the League of California Cities.
While overall enrollment gains have been modest, prospects for future growth appear favorable, given demographic trends of the service area, as well as the potential for annexation.
Florence also wants to strike the requirement that the county sign off on the research necessary for health-hazard annexations.
If it meets the requirements of an annexation, it would be nothing but a simple annexation,'' said Sandor Winger, executive officer of the county Local Agency Formation Commission, which rules on municipal boundary changes.
Annexation is intended to occur as a "districtwide" election event, not as a special favor for individual board members who happen to purchase homes that are outside of the district.
The city has completed 27 annexations in its 18 years, and only in the past year has Antonovich become involved.