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annex, annexe

A subsidiary structure near or adjoining a larger principal building.
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"As for service annexes, a one-floor building is permitted provided the level of the ground floor of the annexe must not be more than 1.5m of the level of the road opposite to the entry and not less than 30 cm.
The ground floor annexe has a lounge/fitted kitchen area and bedroom, while a separate annexe has a fitted kitchen/lounge/bedroom area and shower room.
Boschi conceived the complex of annexe, gardens and cloisters as a single articulated entity: and in converting it into a coherent museum, his hand has been light and his interventions modest.
"Today the government and the MILF jointly signed the annex on normalisation, the last of the four Annexes to the GPH-MILF Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB), which was completed on 15 October 2012.
In 2013, three of the four annexes had been signed: the Transitional Arrangements and Modalities Annex, signed on Feb.
All the annexes will be the basis for the crafting of a draft Bangsamoro Basic Law.
On 3 July, the European Commission proposed a draft regulation to amend the annexes of the future regulation for the coordination of social security schemes, ie Regulation 883/2004, which is intended to replace the legendary 1408/71, once work on the implementing regulation will have concluded.
Recent scientific advances in the field of microbiology and molecular biology have prompted the European Commission to adopt a Directive updating information requirements under EU law for biocidal preparations consisting of micro-organisms including fungi and viruses via amendments to the technical annexes of the 1998 Directive on the marketing of biocidal products.
The Ease of Use Profiles have annexes for each component in the SCSI system.
If the annexees don't like it, their only recourse is to move - or fight it out in the courts, a lengthy and sometimes prohibitively expensive process.