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annex, annexe

A subsidiary structure near or adjoining a larger principal building.
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They passed out and walked up the road surrounded by a low cloud of dust raised by the dog gyrating madly about their two figures progressing side by side with rectitude and propriety, and (I don't know why) looking to me as if they had annexed the whole country-side.
The new soldiers were now produced before the officer, who having examined the six-feet man, he being first produced, came next to survey Jones: at the first sight of whom, the lieutenant could not help showing some surprize; for besides that he was very well dressed, and was naturally genteel, he had a remarkable air of dignity in his look, which is rarely seen among the vulgar, and is indeed not inseparably annexed to the features of their superiors.
Margaret was all for sight-seeing, and while the others were finishing their tea at the Raven, she annexed a motor and hurried over the astonishing city.
And Mr Verloc's morality was offended also by the optimism of Michaelis, annexed by his wealthy old lady, who had taken lately to sending him to a cottage she had in the country.
Mrs Boffin suggested advertisement in the newspapers, requesting orphans answering annexed description to apply at the Bower on a certain day; but Mr Boffin wisely apprehending obstruction of the neighbouring thoroughfares by orphan swarms, this course was negatived.
Part 1: Software for the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture - according to the specifications of the contract annexed hereto No.
To extend its boundaries toward the mining site, Santa Clarita successfully annexed the Stonecrest tracts in Canyon Country.
Tennessee is one of six states in which the people being annexed need not be consulted.
It is clear that the elected council is intended for the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip, yet nowhere does the document offer a precise definition of the term "West Bank," thus evading the issue of whether or not East Jerusalem and its annexed suburbs are part of that territory.
The rating outlook was changed to positive from stable in January 2003, indicating a possible upgrade in the next one to two years if financial operations continue to be positive as the city accommodates the increased service demands of the annexed areas.
Framework of all training programs, including topics to present during the training, are presented in Annex 2 to the project agreement annexed No.
color) Val Verde could be left out of local politics if nearby Castaic is annexed by Santa Clarita or establishes its own new city.