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1. Abbr. for “air-dried.”
2. Abbr. for access door.
3. Abbr. for area drain.
4. Abbr. for “as drawn.”
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The country code for Andorra.
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Active Directory

An advanced, hierarchical network directory service that comes with Windows servers and used for managing permissions and user access to network resources. Introduced in Windows 2000, Active Directory is a domain-based network that is structured like the Internet's Domain Naming System (DNS). Using the LDAP directory access protocol, a company's workgroups (departments, sections, offices, etc.) are assigned domain names similar to Web addresses, and any LDAP-compliant Windows, Mac, Unix or Linux client can access them.

Active Directory can function in a heterogeneous, enterprise network and encompass other directories including NDS and NIS+. Cisco supports Active Directory in its IOS router operating system. See domain-based network, LDAP, forests and trees, Internet domain name, ADSI and network directory.

banner ad

A graphic image used on websites to advertise a product or service. Banner ads, or simply "banners," are rectangles typically 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. They also come in other common sizes, including 460x60, 460x55 and 392x72. A much larger horizontal ad image called the "leaderboard" is 728x90, while "skyscraper ads" are narrow and vertically oriented, typically 120x600 and 160x600. See trick banner, dynamic rotation, interstitial ad, Shoshkele, SUPERSTITIAL, meta ad and impression.

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His previous Windsor Castle Stakes second should not be overrated; the defeat of Principality (fourth) and the workmanlike Pontefract win of Anno Domini (fifth) confirm that the Ascot race was not particularly strong.
Karima Ladjimi has the chance to go straight in on the top of the world film production, working as second production assistance for her famous compatriot Tarek Ben Ammar in "Anno Domini," a big American-Italian production, "The Golden Age," says she.
However, there are still people who can afford to fly to Bangkok or Havana to celebrate the arrival of Anno Domini 2010.
Anno domini, combined with a penchant for good food and equally good wine has taken its toll on what was never the lithest of physical forms.
than top billing as the 'New Year's Eve capital of the world', for the wizard of Ozz is as ever prepared to rock and roll over from one Anno Domini to
who recorded witnessing them in thirty-six anno domini
As the first person to coin the term anno Domini to date political and institutional history, thus linking the incarnation with political time, Bede's work is important to Davis.
He also played football for Liverpool Ramblers AFC, until, as he puts it, 'anno domini' crept up in the early 80s.
(2) The contrasting fates of two virtually contemporaneous Victorian utopian novels, Anno Domini 2000; or, Woman's Destiny (1889) and News from Nowhere, or, An Epoch of Rest: Being Some Chapters from a Utopian Romance (1890), provides one fascinating example of this uneven response.