annona muricata

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A spiky tropical fruit related to the Paw Paw and Cherimoya with a strawberry-pineapple-sour citrus flavor. Needs humidity and warm climate, white pleasant-scented flower. Also called Graviola for it’s cancer-fighting properties. White edible custard-apple flesh. Natural News touted soursop at being 10,000 times more effective at killing cancer than chemotherapy. Studies showed it could effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer. It hunts down cancer cells but does no harm to healthy cells. Used against internal parasites and worms, high blood pressure, depression, stress and nervous disorders. Do not take if preganant.
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In this research, soursop (Annona muricata L.) leaves are processed into extract to allow more active compounds to be extracted and increase the ability of blood cholesterol reducing ability.
Silva e Nepomuceno (2011) ao analisar o efeito anticarcinogenico da polpa de graviola para deteccao de clones de tumor (warts) em Drosophila melanogasters concluiram, que a annona muricata apresenta elavada citotoxidade devido a alta concentracao de acetogeninas, nao devendo ser utilizada na prevencao do cancer e sim no tratamento do cancer quando este ja foi estabelecido.
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However, it has been determined that their greatest application is in the medical field, [7], [8], Malaria, gastrointestinal problems, liver diseases, heart and renal system and mainly the cancer, [9], [10], are some of the conditions treated in recent years with Annona Muricata. Both the fruit juice as its leaves in infusions are used by their medicinal properties, [11], [12]
Background: Nutritional and medicinal properties have been found, and demonstrated the Annona Muricata fruit, has aroused great interest in his study mainly to implement in treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer.