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Chene & Cie defines tight grain as less than an average of 3 mm per annual growth ring (spring wood + summer wood); larger than this is open grain.
In this study we use herb-chronology, the aging of herbaceous individuals by counting annual growth rings in their perennial woody belowground taproot, to evaluate if mowing frequency influences population age structure, number of stems by age class, and number of flowering stems by age class.
Radial growth also produces specialised vascular tissues that transport water and nutrients around plants and is visible as concentric patterns known as annual growth rings in tree trunk cross-sections.
The annual growth rings in heartwood are clearly visible and uniformly distributed, while the rings in sapwood are difficult to distinguish because they are dense and too narrow in width.
Annual growth rings and rate of growth of the giant scallop, Placopecten magellanicus (Gmelin), in the Digby area of the Bay of Fundy.
This is where you remove the two bottom front teeth (called the incisors) with a pocket knife and send them to a lab to count the rings--just like you would the annual growth rings on a tree.
He soaked and pounded every square inch of the log, causing the annual growth rings to loosen and separate.
Samples have been taken from English Heritage's Belsay Castle for dendrochronology examination - the science of dating events and environmental change by using patterns of annual growth rings in timber.
A tree with closely spaced annual growth rings makes dense framing lumber, especially if cut after growing for two or three centuries.

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