annual ring

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annual ring

[′an·yə·wəl ′riŋ]
A line appearing on tree cross sections marking the end of a growing season and showing the volume of wood added during the year. Also known as annual growth ring.
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annual ring, growth ring

A layer of wood produced during one year of a tree’s growth.
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Best correlations between seasonal minimum temperature, from March to May, and the total annual ring, earlywood and latewood indexes, as well as, between seasonal maximum temperature, from September to October, and the total annual ring and earlywood; and between seasonal maximum temperatures, from September to January, with the latewood index.
The appearance of cross section of wood is related to its surface topography and chemical characteristics (early and late wood parts of annual rings).
The annual rings of otoliths of younger age groups are better readable than in older fish (ages 7 years and more).
In temperate regions, such activity usually occurs only once during the growing season each calendar year, and thus these are termed annual rings, as seen in Figure 8-2.
After the growth of last annual ring the tree was cut down and used for building the waste pit.
Each annual ring in that tree represents one year of the tree's memory.
The North East Wrestling Club stages its second annual Ring of Faith Tournament in St Joseph's Hall, Gateshead, this Saturday at 7pm.
We measured the distances (mm) along the anterior--posterior scale axis from the focus (F) to the last circulus of the freshwater zone (ocean entry, OE), to the outside edge of the winter annual ring (the "winter annulus," A) when present, and to the margin (M), and also determined the total numbers and average spacing of circuli in the ocean growth zone (Fig.
The infected potatoes were detected by the Central Science Laboratory during Defra's annual ring rot survey.
An annual ring, seen in a cross-section of a tree trunk, represents a years growth.

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