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see insuranceinsurance
or assurance,
device for indemnifying or guaranteeing an individual against loss. Reimbursement is made from a fund to which many individuals exposed to the same risk have contributed certain specified amounts, called premiums.
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4% Trust term in years 5 Trusttransferdate 11/1/11 Assumed FMV of property transferred to trust $2,000,000 Annuitized percentage of transferred FMV 25% Assumed annual assetvalue growth rate 5% Backload percentage 20% Economic Value Transfer Computation Pre-annuity Period end Post-annuity Period period end value annuity amount period end value 1 2,100,000 72,723 2,027,277 2 2,128,641 87,268 2,041,373 3 2,143,442 104,721 2,038,271 4 2,140,657 125,665 2,014,992 5 2,115,741 150,798 1,964,943 Tax Transfer Computation Pre-annuity Period end Post-annuity period end value annuity amount period end value 2,048,000 72,723 1,975,277 2,022,684 87,268 1,935,416 1,981,866 104,721 1,877,145 1,922,197 125,665 1,796,532 1,839,648 150,798 1,688,850
King says he worked to pass the '99 law because some families realized only after choosing annuitized payments over the cash value option that the estate tax could claim many future payments.
Under any plausible utility function, the value of annuitization decreases with each dollar annuitized.
The insurance company winning the bid to annuitize a cohort's PSS account balances would provide each PSS participant an inflation-protected pension in proportion to his or her account balance, where the factor of proportionality would be the same for all participants; that is, all participants would become annuitized on identical terms, so there would be no "cherry-picking" by the insurance industry.
For example, if all wealth is annuitized, then the rate of economic growth increases with the expected length of life.
Tax rules allow heirs (spousal and otherwise) who inherit an annuity that resides inside a qualified plan and hasn't been annuitized to stretch distributions over their lifetimes, allowing them to dodge the potentially huge tax burden that may accompany a one-time, lump-sum distribution of the death benefit.
Paul Yakoboski of the TIAA-CREF Institute has found that retirees who have annuitized their retirement savings are more than twice as likely, compared with retirees who have not annuitized, to have saved through an annuity in a defined contribution plan while working.
It can be annuitized, but also offers optional riders for guaranteed lifetime withdrawals at annual rates that range from 3% to 7%, depending on age at first withdrawal.
If the same fund had been annuitized, then the probability of outliving the assets would have been eliminated, and the monthly income would not have needed to be reduced.
But no ticket matched all six numbers to win the $50 million annuitized jackpot.
Most of the pension plan participants surveyed (56 percent) said they expect to receive annuitized payments from their plans when they retire.