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see insuranceinsurance
or assurance,
device for indemnifying or guaranteeing an individual against loss. Reimbursement is made from a fund to which many individuals exposed to the same risk have contributed certain specified amounts, called premiums.
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Similarly, if he elects to annuitize a variable deferred annuity on a fixed annuity payout arrangement, and if the total value of theaccumulation unitsin his contract, at the time of annuitization, is $100,000, he will receive that same income, assuming the same annuity payout factor.
Walsh says many participants annuitize only enough assets to pay for their core living expenses, and they let the rest of their savings continue to accumulate.
This means that the person who annuitizes can invest this $209,000 "difference.
Aside from theoretical interest in the question of who annuitizes and why, annuitization has become an increasingly visible issue within retirement policy circles.