annulment of marriage

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annulment of marriage:

see nullity of marriagenullity of marriage,
in law, an unlawful marriage that is either void or voidable because of conditions existing at the time of the marriage. A bigamous or incestuous marriage, for example, is void, and there is no need to bring a suit to obtain a decree declaring it void.
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It says the annulment of marriage can take place if one party "has ceased to be Hindu by conversion to another religion to another religion."
Annulment of marriage, dissolution and nullity of marriage or divorce has been criminalized.
All too often one thinks almost exclusively of processes that ratify the annulment of marriage or the dissolution of the bond.
It introduces uniform, modern standards on annulment of marriage, divorce and separation.
The following is a partial summary of what canon law sets forth as grounds for the annulment of marriage:
The Supreme Court (SC) has dismissed from the service a trial court stenographer who falsified a decision on annulment of marriage for P150,000.
A six-month suspension was also imposed on Castro in 2016 for violating the rule on non-forum shopping when she filed separate petitions for annulment of marriage in two trial courts in Cebu in 2000.
He said he was not too keen on the divorce bill but would push for the relaxation on the requirements of annulment of marriage.
The bill also states that grounds for the grant of an absolute divorce decree shall include the reasons for legal separation and annulment of marriage under the Family Code, de facto separation for at least five years, legal separation by judicial decree for at least two years, psychological incapacity, gender-reassignment surgery, irreconcilable differences and joint petition of spouses.
Castro was also suspended for six months for filing separate petitions for annulment of marriage in two trial courts in Cebu in 2000.
What senators are considering is a proposal to add more grounds to the present law on legal separation and annulment of marriage.