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Anointing is part of many religious rituals, be it the anointing of the whole person or the anointing of an object such as a simple talisman. It is, in effect, a symbolic cleansing, a clearing away of negativity, to make the anointed object spiritually pristine.

When a Witch enters the ritual circle, he or she is anointed by the priest. This is done in various ways, according to the tradition of the coven. It might be done with salted water or with oil. Typically, the priest will touch the oil to the Witch's forehead and draw a small pentagram while giving a blessing. If the coven works naked, or skyclad, then a typical anointing would be to the lips, right breast, left breast, and back to the lips, forming a triangle.

Anointings are also done in the various degrees, with traditions that have degree systems. An example is found in Gardnerian Wicca where a First Degree anointing is in a form similar to the triangle mentioned above: lips, left breast, right breast, lips. The second degree points are an inverted triangle: genitals, breast, breast, genitals. The third degree is in the shape of a pentagram: genitals, right foot, left knee, right knee, left foot, genitals. There are many variations on these points.

Candle magic is popular among Witches and others. A candle that is used in such a ritual should be anointed first. This is usually done with either a specially prepared candle-anointing oil or pure virgin olive oil. The candle is rubbed with the oil from its center outward, toward the ends, first to one end, all around the candle, and all around then to the other end. The anointer concentrates on the purpose for which the candle will be used while doing this.

Anointing an object, such as a talisman, is done as part of a consecration. This is usually done with salted water, after which the object is held in the smoke of burning incense.

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The guide's comments mark a stark contrast to the fact that North Korean citizens never talked about Kim Jong Un to foreigners before his anointment as the country's next leader.
Finally, the inauguration of the building is marked by the installation and anointment of the pot-shaped finials upon the roof (kumbhabhisheka).
That belief is supported by the multitude of accolades that have been generated by his genius, including Guinness World Records' anointment of him as the "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time."
To simply have an anointment will leave us in the same position as the Labour Party is in Westminster - bereft of a proper mandate.
The Supreme Court's anointment of lawyers with authority to evade the constitutional billing constraint will fail the smell test in the nostrils of the voting public, especially that portion already cynical of "judicial imperialism." Many people, including our justices, are rightly alarmed by "conservative" daggers aimed at "judicial activism" that protects individuals against government more fully than critics think the constitution requires.
The charismatic freshman senator from Illinois is riding a still-rising wave of Obamamania tied to the release of his new memoir "The Audacity of Hope," his appearances on the cover of Time magazine and the Oprah Winfrey show and his virtual anointment as the hottest presidential commodity since Colin Powell by a who's who of political commentators, including New York Times columnists David Brooks, Bob Herbert and Frank Rich.
The Torah describes the anointment of Aharon, the brother of Moses, as the first High Priest.
The anointment of Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve chairman will, unfortunately, actually reduce pressure on the Administration and Congress to move beyond the soft dollar campaign.
As General Boykin suggested of President Bush's anointment, this fellow has acknowledged that "God wanted him as secretary of state during 2004" because it was such a critical election.
the length and warmth of the standing ovation was the final part of his anointment."
Pope Benedict XVI, just twenty-four hours before his anointment, delivered a homily that condemned Marxism, atheism, and liberalism itself.
The Anointment of Dionisio: Prophecy and Politics in Renaissance Italy.