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(1) Nameless. See anonymous post and anonymous Web surfing.

(2) (Anonymous) A loose, underground hacker community that attempts to bring down or damage websites of organizations and government agencies that are not socially responsible. Advocating freedom, fairness and justice, Anonymous became known to the public in a 2007 Los Angeles TV report and has since claimed responsibility for numerous break-ins. In 2010, it hacked PayPal, MasterCard and Visa for no longer accepting donations to WikiLeaks after the site disclosed U.S. military documents. See WikiLeaks.

The Guy Fawkes Mask
Anonymous adopted a mask created to honor Guy Fawkes as a symbol of rebellion in the 2005 movie "V for Vendetta." Fawkes was in charge of the gunpowder in a failed 1605 plot to blow up Parliament and restore a Catholic monarchy to England. About to be hanged to near death and then disemboweled, Fawkes jumped from the gallows and did himself in. In 1606, Parliament turned the foiled Gunpowder Plot into a national holiday.

Anonymous "Reconnect" Rally
In Amsterdam in 2008, Anonymous objected to Scientology ordering its members to "disconnect" with anyone not supportive of their beliefs. (Image courtesy of photographer John Melskens.)
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In her ruling, Judge Madden quoted a Virginia court: "The protection of the right to communicate anonymously must be balanced against the need to assure that those persons who choose to abuse the opportunities presented by this medium can be made to answer for such transgressions."
Residents are being encouraged to phone Crimestoppers anonymously with any information on drug dealing in the area.
You can also report unlicensed vehicles anonymously by post or online at and go to Online Services.
The independent review group has also established a telephone hotline at (866) 2682285, where comments may be submitted anonymously.
Anyone who wants to be listed anonymously must provide evidence they have been stalked or been a victim of domestic violence, such as an order under the Family Law Act or the Protection from Harassment Act.
People commonly post anonymously to message boards or employ different user names.
The browser uses the Tor network of Internet routers established by the foundation to make traffic generated as users browse the web, anonymous, and can be placed on a flash memory stick to enable people to use any PC anonymously.
"It looks like a work of art now," the source said, speaking anonymously because the renderings have not yet been made public.
Based upon of a poem anonymously published in 1906, Vrolok by Nolene-Patricia Dougan is an original engaging story of Isabella, the leader of the vampires after the death of Vlad Dracula.
Report it consists of a third-party Internet and telephone hotline system that allows whistleblowers to anonymously report problems.
One method of waging war against the problem is by employing the "alternative-reporting" procedure that allows people to use an online form to report (anonymously and confidentially) any incident they believe casts aspersions against anyone in the "queer community."
Of the respondents, about 40% admitted that they do not know that the public health offices offer an HIV test free of charge and they can take it anonymously.