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(1) Nameless. See anonymous post and anonymous Web surfing.

(2) (Anonymous) A loose, underground hacker community that attempts to bring down or damage websites of organizations and government agencies that are not socially responsible. Advocating freedom, fairness and justice, Anonymous became known to the public in a 2007 Los Angeles TV report and has since claimed responsibility for numerous break-ins. In 2010, it hacked PayPal, MasterCard and Visa for no longer accepting donations to WikiLeaks after the site disclosed U.S. military documents. See WikiLeaks.

The Guy Fawkes Mask
Anonymous adopted a mask created to honor Guy Fawkes as a symbol of rebellion in the 2005 movie "V for Vendetta." Fawkes was in charge of the gunpowder in a failed 1605 plot to blow up Parliament and restore a Catholic monarchy to England. About to be hanged to near death and then disemboweled, Fawkes jumped from the gallows and did himself in. In 1606, Parliament turned the foiled Gunpowder Plot into a national holiday.

Anonymous "Reconnect" Rally
In Amsterdam in 2008, Anonymous objected to Scientology ordering its members to "disconnect" with anyone not supportive of their beliefs. (Image courtesy of photographer John Melskens.)
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The person who wrote to you anonymously," she said, "alluded to a correspondence.
I sent the boy two guineas anonymously, sir,' added the bachelor, in his peculiar whisper, 'directly I heard of it; but never mention it on any account, for he hasn't the least idea that it came from me.
You won't be asked any questions about the knives and you can hand them in anonymously.
The director of the Cardiff Assisted Reproduction Unit has warned that rules which no longer allow men to donate anonymously might affect the future of the donor insemination (DI) programme.
Whenever we review a restaurant, we go anonymously, we always pay the check, we accept no freebies and if I don't like the place, I won't do a commercial for it.
As an incentive, each respondent had the opportunity to anonymously request a free Executive Summary and a custom, online benchmark report.
It aims to encourage people with information about autocrime, but not willing to contact police directly, to get in touch anonymously.
A new website has been designed to offer mortgage consumers the ability to shop mortgage home loans anonymously.
Hoff, the assistant supervising judge in Van Nuys, was nominated by members of the bar anonymously.
PC Lesley Clarke said: ''A number of calls have been made to the police, some anonymously, by people reporting a man had exposed himself to them.
To ensure protection of each individual who has a query or a need to talk to a counselor immediately, the request is connected to one of RAINN's trained volunteers quickly, securely and anonymously.
NEWHALL - Free screening for depression will be offered anonymously today in Newhall in a program sponsored by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.