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However, Ansa will store any text messages that have been deemed on-the-record.
Brooks said ANSA wants to export to Cuba as well as joint ventures with Cuban entities in generic drugs, biotechnology, food, construction supplies and plastic and glass containers.
The Libyan ambassador told ANSA that Gaddafi was planning other similar evenings during his three-day stay in Italy where he is attending the Rome-hosted United Nations food summit.
BEST IN CLASS At the Holstein Breeders' Club awards, from left: judge Andrew Williamson; Steven Nelson, Newheaton; David Clarke, Fleetshot; Stephen Ball, Chloanne and Ellenneff; Graeme Bradley, Langpark; Sarah Oliver, Ansa; David Barber, Pont; Peter Hall, Ashpetal; and Philip Oliver, Hunday and Ansa.
The door seemed to have been locked from the inside and police were concentrating on a window to the outside, Ansa said.
Ansa is the author of four novels, including Baby of the Family (Harcourt, 1989) and The Hand I Fan With (Random House, 1997).
Innovation and Technology Minister Lucio Stanca retorted that "the unions are evidently in favor of taxes," according to ANSA.
Liao Haiqing of Yujiang diocese, some 790 miles south of Beijing, was taken away from his home while 15 other priests were arrested during a study meeting in the middle of the night July 10, the ANSA report said.
The premier, who was in Brussels to attend a summit meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, said Italy signed the Kyoto Protocol along with the rest of the European Union but was open to dialogue with the United States, ANSA said.
A group of Italian scientists said Thursday it has discovered an antibody that prevents HIV from entering cells, ANSA news agency reported.
Hundreds among the 20,000 fans left Renato Curi Stadium at halftime, complaining they could not see, the ANSA news agency reported.
Alfre Woodard, who co-founded ANSA in 1989, served as Director of the audiobook and selected POP Sound to record story readings by herself and several other actors involved in the project.