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1. Physiol the normal opposition between certain muscles
2. Biology the inhibition or interference of growth of one kind of organism by another
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a form of contradiction characterized by acute, irreconcilable struggle of hostile forces or tendencies. The term “antagonism” in reference to the struggle of opposing forces is used in religious systems (struggle of good and evil) by Kant, Schopenhauer, and other philosophers. The term is applied to biology and mathematics (game theory) in the same sense. Marxism, analyzing the antagonism between classes in slave-owning, feudal, and capitalist societies and in the transitional period from capitalism to socialism, has shown that antagonisms are resolved by means of the class struggle, whose forms and content are determined by the concrete, historical conditions of their development. K. Marx noted that bourgeois relations of production are the “last antagonistic form of the social process of production . . .” (K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch. 2nd ed. vol. 13, p.7). V. I. Lenin emphasized that “antagonism and contradiction are not one and the same thing. The former will disappear, but the latter will remain under socialism.” (Leninskii sbornik, XI, 1929, p. 357.)


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Mutual opposition as seen between organisms, muscles, physiologic actions, and drugs.
Opposing action between drugs and disease or drugs and functions.
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"Consistent with the E478 data presented to date," said CSO Michael Cooke, "we believe the results for ASGCT show that AHR antagonism is a promising method for expanding gene-modified stem cells while maintaining the editing or transduction rates, which will be important for patients receiving these therapies."
This is clear from the admittedly brief section of Mao's essay titled "The Place of Antagonism in Contradiction", where for me he undoes, fundamentally, the metaphysical logic that had guided him up to this point.
He said that the expression of antagonism between judiciary and government would dissolve soon.
Mr Johnson said: "In an increasingly complex world, Britain remains a reassuring presence to its friends, especially those facing continued Russian antagonism in the north of Europe and the Baltic region.
If Autonomism is to succeed now, Berardi argues, the Left must understand the form and nature of the antagonism that exists in contemporary capitalism, namely semiocapitalism (or informational capital)--the predominance of the technological instrumentalization of immaterial signs as the principal objects of contemporary capital production and appropriation.
According to Cooke & Reiyner [19] when mycelia of different species are paired in laboratory, responses may be apparent either prior to contact between them or may occur only after contact has been made and may be sensitive to species-specific antagonism.
It was reported on Friday that the collaboration is aimed at advancing a new potential treatment approach for polymyositis and dermatomyositis known as Toll-like receptor antagonism.
This constant barrage of criticism can't have helped morale at the club and has whipped up antagonism among a minority of fans.
This antagonism with the pre-modern age would serve as the mental setting of modernism and modernity.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- China said on Monday US plans to bolster missile defenses in response to North Korea threats would only intensify antagonism, and urged Washington to act prudently.