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The result of final design of antalgic pump is shown in Figure 12.
The pharmacological effects in DM were evaluated in terms of the inhibition ratio of the writhing response and the prolongation of the antalgic latency to obtain the optimal proportion compatibility.
Similarly, the resistance encountered by the investigator to passive movements, the antalgic rigidity, and the muscle contracture showed an 18%, 19%, and 19% reduction, respectively, after 3 days of treatment.
For example, limb pain can cause a child to walk with an antalgic gait.
With severe pain, the patient may exhibit an antalgic gait, favoring the affected leg.
It has been suggested that the antalgic walking pattern and decrease in activity associated with ankle pain may lead to weakness of the hip musculature.
Sideri described, called functional antalgic electric stimulation, the electrical stimulation relaxes the muscle and patients are passive.
On inspection the posture was abnormal with antalgic gait affecting left leg indicating pain with weight bearing on left side.
The increased severity of temporomandibular disorders also could lead to a compensatory or antalgic posture of the neck, as confirmed by the literature [2].
Physical examination revealed an antalgic gait while ambulating with a cane.