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In southern shrine, there is a porch overlooking the courtyard, which is connected to antechamber from both sides, and also it joins courtyard with stone steps.
With regards to structure 46 and 64, we also identified the presence of circular pits in the antechambers (Fig.
Without special equipment you can get to the entrance and part of the antechamber of the Devetashka Cave, which is what we are aiming for next.
Moujan's imaginative camera glides through the antechambers, committee rooms, and red-carpeted corridors of power, focusing on particular statues, stacks of dossiers or piles of money along the way.
In the great domestic machines of the Renaissance an asymmetrical sequence of rooms associated with rank, namely, the progression from grand sala to smaller and more private antechambers, which culminates in a tiny but precious studiolo, came to be accommodated behind facades that appear completely symmetrical.
Additional features include HEPA-filtered air showers and antechambers, low-clearance roll-up pass-throughs, fluorescent and 254nm germicidal UV lighting, viewing, and a complete line of furnishings.
* Antechambers and partitions create gowning area or different cleanliness zones
The reading rooms, tucked to the sides like antechambers feel almost marginal.
An array of DJ impresarios - including Brandon Block and Lisa Pin Up - whip up a storm with classic house anthems and big beats as the crowd battle for dance space and oxygen within all four bustling antechambers. Those who find it all a bit much, however, should seek sanctuary in the ice-pops on sale in the chill-out zone.
Both know that to admit this would be to admit that their lives so far, in the waiting rooms and antechambers of authority, had been so much wasted time.
The group had free rein to roam the 14th century building's creaky great hall, complete with suits of armour and portraits, and its various stuffy antechambers - reporting some spooky sounds and sights.
Not disturbing the shrinelike sanctuary of the solitary prophet, a series of eight handsomely rendered but in the end ho-hum "Prophetic Drawings" in pencil and (save one) gold marker was hung around the gallery's antechambers: more veilings; grave, Mapplethorpe-y flowers; etc.