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roentgenography of the kidneys based on the introduction of X-ray-contrast substances into the renal pelvis. Pyelography makes it possible to detect such pathological changes in the kidneys and urinary tract as abnormalities of position, calculi, and inflammatory or neoplastic deformities.

In retrograde, or ascending, pyelography, the contrast medium is injected with a cystoscope and a ureteral catheter. In antegrade pyelography the contrast medium is injected through the skin into the renal pelvis. In pneumopyelography, oxygen is injected into the pelvis. In excretory urography, the contrast medium is injected intravenously.


Osnovy nefrologii, vol. 1. Edited by E. M. Tareev. Moscow, 1972.
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Antegrade pyelography. Complete obstruction with left ureteral tumour before chemotherapy.
Antegrade pyelography did not demonstrate any residual stones or filling defects, and full nephroscopy, using both the rigid and flexible nephroscope, did not reveal any residual fragments.
The patients who required an upper/middle caliceal puncture or multiple punctures, were morbidly obese, experienced serious bleeding during or after the operation, had a previous history of kidney operations or had a delayed recovery (a sustained extravasation of opaque material on the postoperative antegrade pyelography) were excluded from the study.