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spider milkweed

spider milkweed

CAREFUL- This plant is said to be toxic unless cooked first. Hairy stems with a big round clump of flowers. Growing seed pods in opposing pairs resemble antelope horns. Animals do not eat this because of toxins, but when cooked, it is said to be useable. Flowers, seeds, seed pod, leaves, young shoots. Unopened buds taste like peas. tea made from dried roots used for all kinds of lung conditions, asthma, bronchitis, infections, dilates bronchials, also used for heart conditions. Don’t take while pregnant. Do your own research and test.
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LAHORE: A group portrait of officers of the 93rd Regiment posed with their rifles amongst a 'large array of hunting trophies including antelope horns, bear skins and leopard skins'.
For me, interior design is inspired by seeing different places, she explains, pointing out particular pieces, such as a soft animal hide from Argentina; a side table with legs made of antelope horns from South Africa; and monogrammed plates specially made for Tessa and her husband Dennis on a visit to a porcelain factory in southern Italy.
Some milkweed plants to include in the garden are Butterfly Weed, Asclepias tuberosa; White Milkweed, Asclepias variegate; Swamp Milkweed, Asclepias incarnate; Antelope Horns, Asclepias asperu la; and Purple Milkweed, Asclepias purpures-cens.
Jagriti would allegedly kick the victim, burn her with a hot iron and hit her with sharp objects, including antelope horns, the Hindu newspaper reported, citing preliminary investigations.
You can box up a whitetail rack or antelope horns and check them as baggage on a flight, but not so with the bigger trophies.
In a sophisticated attempt to win the attention of a female, a young male picked up a pair of antelope horns with his own horns and gave them to her.
Other items seized at the airport include antelope horns and slippers made out of snakeskins.
I looked up over the horizon and way, way off, I saw these two antelope horns - no antelope under it, just the horns.
Many of the sculptors are personal favorites, but the first of which would be a hybrid creature made up of what appears to be an awkwardly fat body of a giraffe, a head of a duck, antelope horns and the tale made of a comb.
At one point antelope horns stick up from shoulders, S&M masks in glitter fabric wipe out the face of the model and, if you must have epaulettes on your jacket, McQueen obliged easily.
Under the agreement, Shembe will be recognised as the inventor of the vuvuzela, an instrument his followers say he created a century ago using antelope horns.
The plastic trumpet, he says, is based on the large Kudu antelope horns that indigenous groups blew to summon villagers to meetings.