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This is the case with the male Ibla, and in a truly extraordinary manner with the Proteolepas: for the carapace in all other cirripedes consists of the three highly-important anterior segments of the head enormously developed, and furnished with great nerves and muscles; but in the parasitic and protected Proteolepas, the whole anterior part of the head is reduced to the merest rudiment attached to the bases of the prehensile antennae.
The flash was almost co-instantaneous in the two rings, but it was just perceptible first in the anterior one.
Two of the inferior limbs should be on the principle of the lever; wheels, perhaps, as they are now formed; though I have not yet determined whether the improvement might be better applied to the anterior or posterior members, inasmuch as I am yet to learn whether dragging or shoving requires the greatest muscular exertion.
That we are not able to say; but at all events, we have seen, by the anterior developments of this story, that Buckingham had the advantage over him, and in two or three circumstances, particularly that of the diamond studs, had, thanks to the devotedness of the three Musketeers and the courage and conduct of D'Artagnan, cruelly mystified him.
Nay, further, have you never endeavored to recall the time, place, and circumstances of your former intercourse, and failing in this attempt, have almost believed that your spirits must have held converse with each other in some state of being anterior to the present, and that you are only now occupied in a reminiscence of the past?
More strictly, it belongs to those men who attempted rationalistic criticism of the Bible and wished to go back to what they supposed to be a primitive pure religion, anterior to revealed religion and free from the corruptions and formalism of actual Christianity.
Intellect is the simple power anterior to all action or construction.
Anterior median dorsal plates preserved viscerally: GIT 767-4, GIT 767-5, GIT 767-6 and GIT 767-23.
Set for surgical correction of defects in the anterior wall and anterior arch (dome) of the vagina, sterile medical kit for treatment of stress incontinence in women, a sterile medical kit for surgical correction of back wall defects: a device for stitching fabrics, a mesh design, a sterile medical kit for surgical correction of the defects of the anterior wall of the vagina: a device for stitching tissues, a mesh construction
Intercanine, intermolar widths and anterior angle values calculated on the maxillary and mandibular casts of individuals with different facial forms show no significant difference statistically.
As vertebral bodies are most commonly affected by the metastatic spread, therefore anterior cervical corpectomy is considered to be the most valuable and direct approach.
Some studies do not describe specific variants of the anterior communicating artery and group them as "fenestrations of the AComA", which limits the anatomical knowledge of this vessel (Kayembe et al, 1984; Dimmick & Faulder, 2009; Ferre et al, 2013; Hashemi et al, 2013; Iqbal, 2013; Kardile et al.