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1. a verbal report presented with illustrative material, such as slides, graphs, etc.
2. Church the act or right of nominating a clergyman to a benefice
3. Med the position of a baby relative to the birth canal at the time of birth
4. Philosophy a sense datum
5. another name for (feast of) Candlemas



presentation graphics

Business graphics, charts and diagrams used in a presentation. Presentation graphics software provides predefined backgrounds and sample page layouts to assist in the creation of computer-driven slide shows, which, in combination with a data projector, made the 35mm slide presentation obsolete. Navigation from page to page (slide to slide) can be done manually or automatically every so many seconds. The most popular presentation software is Microsoft PowerPoint (see PowerPoint).

Frames and Transitions
The format is a series of horizontal frames (slides) with transitions between them. Images, text, audio and video are laid out on the frames, and speaker's notes can be added. Like any page layout program, elements on a frame can be moved around and resized.

The Slides
Thumbnails of the slides ride in a separate window, allowing you to select and resequence them by clicking and dragging.

Be Your Own Videographer
In PowerPoint, making slides dissolve or fade into each other is done by simply clicking the transition you want.
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Amongst different reasons, deviation of head and neck of fetus in anterior presentation are most common (Roberts, 1971) and may be in any direction (Das et al., 2009).
Start perineal massage at 36 weeks Alleviate fear and anxiety Facilitate occiput anterior presentations Eliminate midline episiotomy
Cardiac activity may also be estimated by assessment of peripheral pulses, particularly by the fetal carotid pulse, easily accessible by US per rectum in the fetus in anterior presentation.

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