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(naval architecture)

access panel

A removable panel (usually secured with screws) in a frame which is usually mounted in a ceiling or wall; provides access to a concealed item that does not require frequent attention.
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The CSA, the transverse and anteroposterior diameters of the right IJV between the supine and the Trendelenburg position, were not significantly different.
The LOS test investigated participants' ability to rapidly shift their center of gravity (CoG) in the anteroposterior and mediolateral directions without stepping or falling.
Caption: Figure 3 Anteroposterior pelvis radiograph after the patient sustained a low energy trauma demonstrating bilateral iliac wing insufficiency fracture and left total hip arthroplasty dislocation.
The effects of computer-aided anteroposterior maxillary incisor movement on ratings of facial attractiveness.
In other three male mandibles it was not possible to determine the maximum anteroposterior diameter and the maximum transverse mandibular head.
El aparato pendular no solo provoco una inhibicion del crecimiento anteroposterior del la molar, tambien lo hizo en sentido vertical y no se extruyo probablemente por el fuerte neuromuscular de la paciente.
The anteroposterior lumbar projection revealed a symmetric pattern to the objects that appeared to be stationary in the body.
Based on 1988 ACOG classifications of forceps deliveries, an outlet delivery occurs when the scalp is visible at the introitus without separating the labia, when the fetal skull has reached the pelvic floor, when sagittal suture is in the anteroposterior diameter or the right or left occiput anterior or posterior position, when the fetal head is at or on the perineum, and when rotations do not exceed 45 degrees.
The total amount of radiation that is used during spiral CT scans is being lowered by modulating the dose, reducing it on anteroposterior views and increasing it in lateral views.
The anteroposterior diameter of sacral hiatus at its apex varied from 2-7 mm with the mean (SD) of 4.
Caption: FIGURE 1: A postoperative anteroposterior radiographic image showing primary THA with alumina-on-alumina bearings on the right side for the treatment of secondary osteoarthritis due to developmental dysplasia of the hip (a).
This study aimed to determine whether the use of the femoral condyles tangential views improve the diagnostic accuracy compared with anteroposterior (A-P) view in detecting distal locking screw penetrations during retrograde femoral nailing.

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