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(naval architecture)

access panel

A removable panel (usually secured with screws) in a frame which is usually mounted in a ceiling or wall; provides access to a concealed item that does not require frequent attention.
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In children under 5 years old, the mean change between the preoperative anteroposterior (AP) renal pelvis diameter and the last AP diameter on ultrasound postoperatively was 15.
Regression statistics for whole weight (WW) and dorsoventral measurement (DVM), anteroposterior measurement (APM) and DVM, and shell thickness (ST) and DVM for Pteria penguin held at 3 sites.
There was no significant difference between pretreatment and post-treatment anteroposterior and mediolateral sway (P > 0.
This anteroposterior sway might resemble the present result of the increase in the power of the y-axis at 0.
Further assessment of the MRI scans showed a reduction in the mediolateral diameter of the spinal cord compared with the anteroposterior diameter in patients with either subclinical or established DSP.
The greatest anteroposterior length of the left third molar (L[M.
Calcified carotid artery disease identified in 16 women was confirmed in all cases by anteroposterior cervical spine radiographs.
Measurements are 1, greatest length [1, 1]; 2, lateral length [2,-]; 3, mid-shaft width [3, 6]; 4, mid-shaft anteroposterior breadth [4, 7]; 5, proximal articular width [5, 2]; 6, proximal articular breadth [6, 3]; 7, width of magnum facet [7, 5]; 8, width of anterior unciform facet [8, -]; 8', width of posterior unciform facet [8', -]; 9, width of trapezoid facet [9, -]; 10, distal supra-articular width [10, 8]; 11, distal articular width [11, 9]; 12, anteroposterior breadth of median ridge of trochlea [12, 11]; 13, least breadth of medial distal condyle [13, -]; 14, greatest breadth of medial distal condyle [14, 10]; 15, width plantar process [-, 4].
An anteroposterior radiograph of the pelvis was obtained and demonstrated no acute abnormality and only mild osteoarthritic degenerative changes of the hips bilaterally.
Radiographic signs on lateral projection include translation of the vertebral body up to 25% of the anteroposterior diameter of the adjacent vertebral body, focal kyphosis, reduced overlap of the articular processes and fanning or widening of the interspinous distance.
Objective assessment of anteroposterior (AP) stability was performed with use of the KT-2000 arthrometer (MEDmetric, San Diego, CA).
Blood biochemistry, thyroid function tests, and bone turnover markers (serum calcium, phosphorus, alkaline phosphatase, osteocalcin, and urine deoxypyridinoline), and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 [25(OH)D3] levels were measured in the two groups, and the BMD levels along with the lateral thoracolumbar X-ray and anteroposterior (AP) radiographs of the pelvis, knees, and hands were compared.

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