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(naval architecture)

access panel

A removable panel (usually secured with screws) in a frame which is usually mounted in a ceiling or wall; provides access to a concealed item that does not require frequent attention.
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14 Shrikant S, Ganapathy KK, Reddy RPR,Thomas M.Correlation of the anteroposterior relationships of the dental arch and jaw-base in subjects withClass I, Class II, Class III malocclusions.
Under all conditions, TTS was longest in the anteroposterior plane (Fx) and fastest in the vertical plane (Fz), with significant differences between Fz and both Fx and Fy (p < 0.001), but not between Fx and Fy (p = 0.090).
Prenatal anteroposterior pelvic diameter cutoffs for postnatal referral for isolated pyelectasis and hydronephrosis: more is not always better.
Some authors found an inverse correlation between the postoperative IOP and intrascleral lake height [12, 13, 35], anteroposterior extent [35] or volume [35], while the others conclude that the size of the lake is not correlated with degree of the IOP reduction [36, 37].
Caption: Figure 4: Anteroposterior radiograph of the left femur six weeks postoperatively.
The maximum anteroposterior diameter (APD) was measured from the basion (the midpoint of the anterior margin of the FM) to the opisthion (the midpoint of the posterior margin of the FM).
Al analizar la posicion anteroposterior del hueso hioides mediante las variables H-PTRper y H-Sper, se observo una posicion mas posterior del hueso hioides en los pacientes hiperdivergentes en comparacion con los pacientes normodivergentes, tal como se puede observar en la Figura 2, siendo esta diferencia estadisticamente significativa.
The values of anteroposterior somatosensorial (APSO) and anteroposterior global (APGLO) in the mid- and post-treatment periods were significantly higher than in the pre-treatment period (adjusted p<0.0175).The medialateral visual (MLVI) value in the post-treatment period was significantly higher than in the pre- and mid-treatment periods.
Paired sample t-tests were used to compare the difference in KSS knee and function scores and anteroposterior laxity.
Jacobson thought that ANB was not a good indicator of anteroposterior jaw disharmony9.
MRI showed narrowing of spinal canal and increasing of anteroposterior diameter of the vertebral body.
Preoperative anteroposterior and lateral radiographs of both elbow taken for each patient with elbow in extension and forearm in supination.

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