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minute grains, usually yellow in color but occasionally white, brown, red, or purple, borne in the anther sac at the tip of the slender filament of the stamen of a flowering plant or in the male cone of a conifer.
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-bearing structure of the stamen of a flower, usually borne on a slender stalk called the filament. Each anther generally consists of two pollen sacs, which open when the pollen is mature. The method of opening, or dehiscence, is uniform in any single species of plant.



the principal part of the stamen. The anther consists of symmetrical halves, each of which has one or two pollen sacs. The two halves are united by the continuation of the anther filament. The pollen sacs of angiosperms are homologous to the microsporangia of Pteridophyta and gymnosperms; the anther itself is homologous to the synangium. Microspores develop in the pollen sacs; pollen grains form from the sacs. After the opening of the anther, the pollen grains leave through two vertical slits. The grains may fall onto the stigma of the pistil, where development continues.


The pollen-producing structure of a flower.


the terminal part of a stamen consisting usually of two lobes each containing two sacs in which the pollen matures
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Each young anther was consisted of 4 pollen sacs (tetrasporangiate) with connective tissue in the center (Fig 1C).
1998), the patterned sporopollenin polymerisation in the anther mediated by 'white lines' and a glycocalyx, and the possible contribution of in vivo self-assembly of sporopollenin in the development of the sporoderm (Gabarayeva & Hemsley, 2006).
The Palestinian Workers Union condemned the attack and said it just anther episode of Israeli violations against Palestinian workers.
He said that Iran had in the past 13 years invested 30 billion dollars in South Pars, the gasfields it shares with the small state of Qatar but needs anther 40 billion dollars to develop it fully.
The Patron In-Chief, Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI), S M Muneer, Chairman, Razzak Hashim Paracha and Vice Chairmen, Amjadullah Khan, Najmul Arfeen, and immediate past Chairman, Mian Zahid Husain, said that the country's economy and the business community has already suffered a huge loss in last few months due to closure of government offices for two days a week and the government, without comprehending the possibility of further loss, has extended the five-day week off for anther month.
In an interview with Saba, al-Ban added that the ministry would also hold anther conference to discuss issues related to the human rights in Yemen.
Anther device went off near a bank in al-Karada area, downtown Baghdad, causing no casualties.
pollinate To transfer pollen from an anther to the stigma of a flower.
Consequently, the Pharaohs had to search for anther pitch to prepare for their opening game against Nigeria.
Anther Westall penalty on the short pitch allowed Dings to lead until converted tries by Shaun Brady and Tom Harris for Lions and Sam Caven for Dings left Rugby 20-24 up at half time.
Ahmad Khan, acting police chief of the province, told Pajhwok Afghan News the bombing left three dead and anther five wounded.
The researchers aren't sure exactly how the bacteria protect the crop, but one possibility may be tied to the fungus's reliance on choline as a chemical signal that cues it to form a specialized tube for breaching anther tissues.