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a collection of literary passages or works, esp poems, by various authors



a collection containing verses or various sayings and fragments by many authors. Anthologies have existed in the East and Greece since ancient times. They were widespread in Old Russian literature (izborniki) and in the literature of the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries. Anthologies published at the beginning of the 20th century include Russian Muse (1907), by P. Ia. (P. F. Iakubovich), and Armenian Poetry from the Earliest Times to the Present Translated by Russian Poets, edited by V. Ia. Briusov (1916). In Soviet times a number of anthologies have been published containing poetry of the peoples of the USSR in Russian translation.

Anthology verses—a term dating from the first half of the 19th century—are verses written in the manner of ancient poetry. Examples are K. N. Batiushkov’s “To an Aged Beauty,” A. S. Pushkin’s “Nereid,” and later some poems by N. F. Shcherbina and A. N. Maikov.

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The variations provide insight into the regional, generational, intellectual, and cultural differences that prevail in African American literature; Gates and McKay uphold the language diversity found in their anthology.
As Atlas notes, the anthology includes both well-known and less familiar works.
The anthology abounds in such carefully registered particulars, in which the familiar topos of the pastoral bears an increasing weight of human habitation.
Smith was responsible for the first anthologies to feature works by black lesbian authors: She was coeditor of Conditions: Five--The Black Women's Issue (Conditions, 1988) and editor of Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology (Kitchen Table/Women of Color, 1983).
Humor Me: An Eclectic Anthology of Funny Contemporary Writing (Plus Some Great Old Stuff Too)
The anthology, The Poems We Wrote, gathers the experiences of airforces from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.
The Grammy Award-winning anthology, reissued in 1997 as a six-CD box set by Smithsonian Folkways, is an idiosyncratic 84-track set of Depression-era work songs, murder ballads, backwoods Cajun sermons and hillbilly blues originally recorded between 1927 and 1932, which Smith winnowed down from his collection of more than 20,000 78 rpm discs.
This anxiety about anthology-making was new, for anthology production changed between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
The editors of this anthology explain that it "began as a project in women's history intended to use material culture as a means of reexamining the possibilities of gaining access to the lives and experiences of medieval and early modern women" (2).
1) But whatever the syllabi of foundational literary survey courses may tacitly proclaim, an anthology is not the same thing as "the canon.
This third installment in the Leviathan anthology series bills itself as a showcase of "fantastical fiction.
IN THE BEGINNING WAS NOT THE WORD, BUT THE DEAFENING silence of slavery, or so Harry Belafonte argues in his recently released The Long Road to Freedom: An Anthology of Black Music (BMG/Buddha Records), a five-CD box set of 80 songs tracing the musical odyssey of black Americans from West African work songs through the birth of the blues at the start of the 20th century.