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To that point, the Imitation Game not only does not establish whether a system is conscious, its line of reasoning is fatally anthropocentric.
7) In my opinion, energy medicine echoes the earth jurisprudence ideology of the connectedness of all living things (2) and the moral imperative to stop anthropocentric resource depletion.
Such Western anthropocentric and androcentric ways of thinking reached their peak in the 19th century's efforts of European colonization.
The MAN-MADE project will contribute to the achievement of best in class performance, making available advanced anthropocentric workplace technologies, that also support a considerable improvement of worker integration in the social environment.
However, rather than dichotomously defining the narrative "Big Two-Hearted River" as a story about shell shock and recovery that insists upon the landscape as a metaphor and anthropocentric mirror, I would like to suggest a different reading of nature in the text.
It can also militate against the anthropocentric tendency to overlook nature's independence from human concerns.
Through this experimentation with other-than-human characterizations and relations, Faulkner disrupts traditional geographies of the center and the margins and, in doing so, accesses traumatic energies that have been subsumed and oversimplified under the rubric of anthropocentric humanism.
To plot this practice of melancholic, anthropocentric salvage and reparation back onto its origins in Duchamp's experiments is to reveal a near-total inversion of the readymade's original purposes.
First, and rather ironically, there is a fundamental ambivalence to the kind of extreme anthropocentric position supported by Spelman and others in that it actually trumps consideration of human welfare except in so far as it pertains to the economic structures that circumscribe our lives (an outcome starkly illustrated by the stringent benefits and public service cuts in many countries since the "downturn").
His statement, noticeably, contains the undertones of not just a denunciation of the anthropocentric facets like "individual limitations," "categories" and "roles;" but also of an unassuming merger with the world of rudimentary matter of which the waverer thinks himself to be an evolutionised and mutated part.
People tend to have a rather anthropocentric view of time based on their personal experiences.
Morton argues that the concept of Nature is an aestheticized abstraction that feeds into anthropocentric fantasies of domination, and has done more ecological harm than good.