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The aim of the present study was to anthropometrically evaluate the humerus, in the presence of the septal foramen and to compare the obtained results with normal ones.
Therefore, the specific aims of this study were (a) to measure in vivo maximum thumb circumductions performed by a group of anthropometrically diverse participants and (b), through biomechanical modeling and statistical analysis, to establish a normative database of thumb circumduction ROM and related kinematic characteristics while examining the effects of anthropometry, gender, and circumduction direction.
If there is a frustration with JSF simulations at Lockheed Martin, it is the seemingly limitless flexibility of human limbs and torsos and the time needed to fully represent maintainers ergonomically and anthropometrically.
1991) in their review of the literature dealt with some localized studies on nutritional and consumption patterns and their effect on health status measured both clinically and anthropometrically for specific groups.
The female long-stay hospital patients were undernourished as assessed anthropometrically compared with fit community elderly subjects.
The two-tailed independent t-test for equality of means reveals that both groups are age and anthropometrically matched since P > 0.
Similarly, 50 nonalcoholic individuals of the same age, sex, and anthropometrically matched group constituted the control group.
Out of these 40 subjects marked as cases were known diabetics diagnosed with Type II Diabetes Mellitus and attending diabetic clinic in the department of Medicine while 40 were age and anthropometrically matched apparently healthy controls.
An anthropometrically diverse group of 68 men and women selected their preferred driving postures in a vehicle mockup that was configured to represent a wide range of vehicle interior conditions.
Other programs use anthropometrically accurate models to simulate human movement as they manufacture a product in a work cell, for example, or replace a car's spark plugs.
Strategic Agreement Enhances DIVISION's Enterprise-Wide Data Access Environment With Addition of Anthropometrically Correct Manikin