anti-aircraft artillery

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anti-aircraft artillery (AAA)

Projectile weapons and their related equipment, such as radar, employed on ground or ships to strike airborne aircraft. The term is generally used for guns, but it includes guided missiles as well.
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and Japanese aircraft from countless crashes, anti-aircraft artillery guns, unexploded bombs, memorials, and even an abandoned American tank with spent shell casings still inside.
Al-Homaid says anti-aircraft artillery are positioned above houses using cranes, a process he witnessed on Saturday.
"The Syrian air defenses had reacted with the anti-aircraft artillery, directly affecting" the target, according to SANA.
DAMASCUS, (SANA) -- A military spokesman issued the following statement: At 11:40 AM on 22/6/2012, an unidentified aerial target violated Syrian airspace, coming from the west at a very low altitude and at high speed over territorial waters, so the Syrian anti-air defenses counteracted with anti-aircraft artillery, hitting it directly as it was 1 kilometer away from land, causing it to crash into Syrian territorial waters west of Om al-Tuyour village in Lattakia province, 10 kilometers from the beach.
He was a lieutenant in the 167th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion during World War II, and he was active in the theater group, the Players Club of Swarthmore (PA), where he directed twenty-four productions and appeared in thirty-two productions.
| Technical sergeant, 390th Anti-aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion (Self-Propelled) | Army | Europe
The state leaders of Bulgaria and Serbia Borisov and Tadic attended together Friday the joint anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) drills of the Bulgarian and Serbian armed forces in Shabla (taking place August 24-26, 2011) together with Bulgarian Defense Minister Anyu Angelov and his Serbian counterpart Dragan Sutanovac.
They will also be in range of anti-aircraft artillery - as the rebel pilot shot down by his own people found out.
Also on display will be paintings of the devastation caused by the Blitz by war artist William Ware and a 'Bren Gun' - a lightweight machine gun - used as anti-aircraft artillery.
The cache contained 78 107mm rockets with launchers, 47 82mm mortar rounds, more than 1,100 rounds of 30mm ammunition, 8,000 rounds of 7.62 machine-gun ammunition, 24 rocket-propelled grenades, 60 fuses and anti-aircraft artillery parts.
Pantsir-S1 is a short-to-medium range combined surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery system specifically designed to protect point and area targets.
It was described as being equipped with torpedoes, missiles (both anti-ship and anti-air), anti-aircraft artillery and a single naval cannon.