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A technique used on a grey-scale or colour bitmap display to make diagonal edges appear smoother by setting pixels near the edge to intermediate colours according to where the edge crosses them.

The most common example is black characters on a white background. Without anti-aliasing, diagonal edges appear jagged, like staircases, which may be noticeable on a low resolution display. If the display can show intermediate greys then anti-aliasing can be applied. A pixel will be black if it is completely within the black area, or white if it is completely outside the black area, or an intermediate shade of grey according to the proportions of it which overlap the black and white areas. The technique works similarly with other foreground and background colours.

"Aliasing" refers to the fact that many points (which would differ in the real image) are mapped or "aliased" to the same pixel (with a single value) in the digital representation.
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(1) Smoothing the jagged appearance of diagonal lines in a bitmapped image. The pixels that surround the edges of the line are changed to varying shades of gray or color in order to blend the sharp edge into the background. This technique is also called "dithering," but is usually known as anti-aliasing when applied to diagonal and curved lines.

(2) Smoothing a distorted signal by applying various techniques that add data or filter out unwanted noise.

This teapot from the University of Utah was a famous first example of anti-aliasing applied to images. (Images courtesy of Computer Sciences Department, University of Utah.)

This teapot from the University of Utah was a famous first example of anti-aliasing applied to images. (Images courtesy of Computer Sciences Department, University of Utah.)
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The spacing between visibility function samples is 3.07[lambda] and the anti-aliasing FOV is about 20 degrees with background cancellation technique.
Each microphone cartridge is connected with preamplifier units followed by 4-th order active low-pass anti-aliasing filter with Sallen-Key topology based on low power quad operational amplifiers LM324 (***, 2000).
Although Microsoft hasn't given out many details, ClearType is said to use proprietary signal techniques beyond the conventional ones such as anti-aliasing, supposedly making letter shapes and character spacing more comparable to printed fonts.
The retail version of Diamond's Viper V550 also delivers a full hardware triangle set-up engine, full screen anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, 24-bit Z-buffer, 8-bit stencil buffer, bump mapping, MPEG playback and more.
This compensates for the effect of a new anti-aliasing filter that tends to soften images.
It has real-time texture-mapping and full-scene anti-aliasing capabilities, enabling it to generate more realistic 3-D images.
One such setting is the 4xMSAA (Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing) which improves the visual quality of your games.
In comparison to the Mali-G71, the G72 offers an improvement of 25 percent in power efficiency, a 17 percent ML efficiency gain, and 20 percent better area efficiency, and also includes improved support for mobile multiview systems, multisampling anti-aliasing, foveated rendering and Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC), which is used to increase image compression quality in order to save power.
Simply use the low preset with anti-aliasing set to FXAA.