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A technique used on a grey-scale or colour bitmap display to make diagonal edges appear smoother by setting pixels near the edge to intermediate colours according to where the edge crosses them.

The most common example is black characters on a white background. Without anti-aliasing, diagonal edges appear jagged, like staircases, which may be noticeable on a low resolution display. If the display can show intermediate greys then anti-aliasing can be applied. A pixel will be black if it is completely within the black area, or white if it is completely outside the black area, or an intermediate shade of grey according to the proportions of it which overlap the black and white areas. The technique works similarly with other foreground and background colours.

"Aliasing" refers to the fact that many points (which would differ in the real image) are mapped or "aliased" to the same pixel (with a single value) in the digital representation.


(1) Smoothing the jagged appearance of diagonal lines in a bitmapped image. The pixels that surround the edges of the line are changed to varying shades of gray or color in order to blend the sharp edge into the background. This technique is also called "dithering," but is usually known as anti-aliasing when applied to diagonal and curved lines.

(2) Smoothing a distorted signal by applying various techniques that add data or filter out unwanted noise.

This teapot from the University of Utah was a famous first example of anti-aliasing applied to images. (Images courtesy of Computer Sciences Department, University of Utah.)

This teapot from the University of Utah was a famous first example of anti-aliasing applied to images. (Images courtesy of Computer Sciences Department, University of Utah.)
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and a tenth-order hardware antialiasing filter provides an extremely clean signal, while new low-noise electronics and specialized algorithms keep the noise floor so low that velocity signals are useable down to 1 Hz.
Crank up their image quality with 32x antialiasing and 16x anisotropic filtering
The GeForce 7800 GTX also includes new image quality features such as transparency supersampling and multisample antialiasing, which enhances visual quality by removing jagged edges from 3D images, minimizing aliasing, and high dynamic range (HDR) lighting support for delivering next-generation lighting and shadowing effects.
Automatic features such as auto sizing, antialiasing, and numerous automatic connectors add to the uniform look of your charts and diagrams.
0 engine with second-generation pixel shaders; NVIDIA UltraShadow technology for accelerated rendering of lighting and shadows; and NVIDIA Intellisample HCT for unprecedented anisotropic filtering and antialiasing, all of which enables unmatched image quality across all 3D applications.
Other features that have been included are the nView Display Technology, Lightspeed memory Architecture II, Accuview Antialiasing technology and TV-out/VGA ports.
The book ends with two potentially helpful sections, a glossary where the ABCs are terms like antialiasing, Bezier curve, and CMYK; and an index.
Claro que si su computadora cuenta con una tarjeta poderosa (lo suficiente como para que soporte Antialiasing, como la Anihilator 2 de Creative) los graficos se vuelven mucho mas definidos ya que todas las aristas se volveran mas finas, en vez de escalonadas.
com/typography/cleartype) essentially increases screen resolution by addressing the red, green, and blue sub-pixels of an LCD display, producing clearly sharper text than full-pixel antialiasing.
Pang is concerned that not many of his customers understand antialiasing filters needed for digital recorders.
The simulation model was embodied in C code and included modules for symbol antialiasing, simulation of subtractive-color diffraction effects, eliminating color channels selectively, and simulating the effect of aperture ratio on image luminance.
One advantage typical of the point projection technique is that ridgeline antialiasing is easily achieved with the floating horizon approach when it uses an A-buffer.