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Music an unstressed, usually short note introduced before a downbeat and harmonically related to the chord immediately following it



in psychology and philosophy, the ability to react to events ahead of time. This concept of “anticipation” is closest to the concept introduced in psychology by the German scientist W. Wundt. Psychologists distinguish two senses in which the term “anticipation” is used: (1) an organism’s expectation of a certain situation, which is manifested in some pose or movement; and (2) manifestation by a human being of the results of his action even before the action is performed (hence the definition of the goal as the anticipated subject).

In philosophy, the concept of anticipation is encountered as far back as the Stoics and Epicureans in reference to prolepsis—the general concept of knowledge before the perception of concrete individual things directly from the Logos. F. Bacon took a firm position against anticipation, proceeding from the principle that nature has to be studied, not anticipated. Kant used the term to mean “a priori knowledge of subjects of perception before the perceptions themselves.”

In logic, anticipation is used to denote temporary acceptance of a proposition which is to be proved subsequently, as if it were already proven.



The occurrence of a phenotype at a younger age or in a more severe form in succeeding generations of a family.
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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development shares the same anticipations, Macedonia to mark the best result in the region.
This clearly suggests that anticipation is not a function of the organism it is built in it and even on different levels.
Like the district court, the circuit court focused on the function that the documents served in determining whether the anticipation of litigation standard was met.
5) In particular, the court found that the work-product doctrine could protect a document prepared before the issue was raised on audit and even before the return was filed; the court, however, expressly declined to rule that the taxpayer's anticipation of an audit was sufficient to trigger the doctrine).
Il est permis de presumer qu'une partie des personnes qui votent par anticipation le font parce qu'elles s'attendent a etre loin de leur lieu de residence ou a travailler dans un bureau de scrutin le jour de l'election ou parce qu'elles sont handicapees et trouvent plus pratique de voter avant tout le monde pour eviter la cohue.
To get it in two days through a refund anticipation loan, instead of the normal eight or 10 days, Carter paid $218 out of her total tax refund of $760.
4% who had miscellaneous or unclassifiable anticipations, and approximately 19% who expressed the faulty anticipation that the test would result in a person--career match.
JONATHAN SHEPPARD has found a new way of doing things with his near-white seven-year-old With Anticipation - and it is producing results.
With that anticipation of his futures, Brian's distress abated.
You could say it became a symbol of how he and his young daughter could work together to create something so desirable that people would look forward to the appearance of his trucks with eagerness and anticipation.
Advent Anticipation Drawing Nearer to the Christ-child