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see foldfold,
in geology, bent or deformed arrangement of stratified rocks. These rocks may be of sedimentary or volcanic origin. Although stratified rocks are normally deposited on the earth's surface in horizontal layers (see stratification), they are often found inclined or curved
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a fold of stratified rocks which is convex upward. The bending point of the strata is called the anticlinal hinge. The surface connecting the bendings of all the strata composing the anticline is called the axial surface, and the sides of the anticline are called limbs. Depending on the position of the axial surface and the direction of the incline of the limbs, an anticline may be vertical, inclined, overturned, or recumbent. According to the configuration, it is possible to distinguish a linear anticline in which the lengtn is significantly greater than the width, a brachyanticline in which the length is somewhat greater than the width, and a dome in which the length and width are approximately equal.


A fold in which layered strata are inclined down and away from the axes.


a formation of stratified rock raised up, by folding, into a broad arch so that the strata slope down on both sides from a common crest
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also present to the northwest of the first anticline.
In addition, a number of good intercepts have been returned from the limbs of the anticline.
From these results the studied anticline is plotted on the 2nd group of Bull & Mc fadden [3] classification.
The Company currently has development activities and opportunities in its Atlantic Rim coal bed methane and in the Pinedale Anticline in Wyoming.
The valley anticline in the Desmoinesian rocks beneath the Warrensburg Sandstone bears no relationship to regional structures.
Questar's LGS has been operational since 2005, and both Ultra and Shell are currently installing LGSs on the Pinedale Anticline.
Our Anticline facility continues to be at the forefront of water treatment technology and demonstrates our proven ability to address the challenges faced by the oil and gas industry," said Jim Winter, President of High Sierra Water Services.
This increase in estimated proved reserves is due to (i) adding proved reserves in the Mesa Units in the Pinedale Anticline and (ii) an increase in proved reserves for the non-operated properties in the Atlantic Rim.
It is also home to several species of wildlife, including pronghorn antelope that rely on the Anticline for crucial wintering range.
The Company's current development activities are in its Atlantic Rim coal bed methane play and in the Pinedale Anticline in Wyoming.
The Naeni-2 Bis will be drilled to approximately 1,400 meters (4,594 feet) to test the lower compartment of a overturned anticline in Miocene-age Sarmatian sands, and will continue on to test some deeper Meotian sands.
In 2005, the Company participated in 110 gross wells in the Pinedale Anticline and Jonah Field.