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see foldfold,
in geology, bent or deformed arrangement of stratified rocks. These rocks may be of sedimentary or volcanic origin. Although stratified rocks are normally deposited on the earth's surface in horizontal layers (see stratification), they are often found inclined or curved
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a fold of stratified rocks which is convex upward. The bending point of the strata is called the anticlinal hinge. The surface connecting the bendings of all the strata composing the anticline is called the axial surface, and the sides of the anticline are called limbs. Depending on the position of the axial surface and the direction of the incline of the limbs, an anticline may be vertical, inclined, overturned, or recumbent. According to the configuration, it is possible to distinguish a linear anticline in which the lengtn is significantly greater than the width, a brachyanticline in which the length is somewhat greater than the width, and a dome in which the length and width are approximately equal.


A fold in which layered strata are inclined down and away from the axes.


a formation of stratified rock raised up, by folding, into a broad arch so that the strata slope down on both sides from a common crest
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The studied anticlines reveal that they are the product offault-bend and fault- propagation folding.
Wide anticlines at the level of Cambrian-Ordovician carbonates are present in these ranges, in contrast to the smaller hangingwall ramp anticlines developed in the Ordovician limestones of the Central Precordillera (Fig.
By 1989, the Duperow Formation on the Billings Anticline was the second most prolific hydrocarbon producer (1).
Lateral fold growth is preserved in higher relief anticlines at the margins of the Dezful Embayment, where wind gaps/dry valleys are preserved along fold crests, e.
Simmons (1966) describes valley anticlines formed during the Recent within Ordovician limestones and shales in central Kentucky.
Thrust fault dies out laterally and up-section in the cores of anticlines resulting in elevating the structures above them.
On 98% of anticlines in Zagros, the dip of SW limb is more than NE limb [5] so, is more affected by erosion.
The southern anticline, named the Murry Canyon Anticline, is poorly defined by attitudes with increasing dip westward on the east limb and a gravity high east of the projected fold axis.
Along this transect the southernmost part of the range front is occupied by the Nilawahan and Zaluch Group that preserve small-scale fold train of synclines and anticlines, characterized by very short wavelengths (Figs.
The seismic bright spot is 108' thick and 820' horizontal by 20,500' perpendicular wide behind a fault on the flank of the anticline.
Sakhi Sarwar, Drigri and Kotrun anticlines, lie in the south of Zindapir anticline, a part of N-S trending Safed Koh, which is a rst line of folding on the folded ank of Sulaiman foredeep.
Surface mapping in the Trinidad area and interpretation of existing diamond drill hole data including the decline shaft pilot holes have defined the MQV as a folded anticinorium with wave length of 80 to 100 m between pares of anticlines.