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An agent, such as Dilantin, that prevents or arrests a convulsion.



one of a group of medicinal preparations having different chemical compositions and capable of preventing or relieving convulsions. Anticonvulsants include a number of substances that act as hypnotics and sedatives, for instance, bromides, chloral hydrate, magnesium sulfate, and phenobarbital. Other substances are selectively anticonvulsant, for example, diphenin, Hexamidine (lepsiral), Trimethin (epidione), and chloracon. Anticonvulsants are used mainly in treating epilepsy.


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In June 1996, the company reported that it received support from both the National Institutes of Health in the United States and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Israel in testing and funding for the anticonvulsant drug.
The anticonvulsant drugs increased the worms' motility and stimulated egg laying, suggesting that the chemicals interact with C.
Administration of gabapentin does not influence the pharmacokinetics of conventional anticonvulsant drugs, nor are the pharmacokinetics of gabapentin modified by the presence of other anticonvulsant drugs (1).
Like other anticonvulsant drugs, carbamazepine acts by suppressing electrical activity in the brain.
Those suffering repeated fits may need tests and an anticonvulsant drug.
Phenytoin is an effective and widely prescribed anticonvulsant drug that can produce dose-related side effects and hypersensitivity reactions.
Standard approach to anticonvulsant drug treatment in the United States.
ORLANDO -- Patients who experienced sudden cardiac death had a significantly higher rate of treatment with a sodium channel-blocking, anticonvulsant drug, compared with people who did not have sudden death, in a case-control study of more than 10,000 people.
The finding could stimulate efforts to make the anticonvulsant drug, magnesium sulfate more widely available and more routinely used.
Fosphenytoin, 5,5-diphenyl-3-[(phosphonooxy)methyl]-2,4-imidazolidine- dione disodium salt (Cerebyx[R]; Parke-Davis), is a phosphorylated form of the anticonvulsant drug phenytoin.
which is an anticonvulsant drug approved to treat partial-onset seizures of people diagnosed with epilepsy aged 17 years and older.