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Like Father O'Malley, or the antiheroic males of his screwball comedies, McCarey was quite modest about his versatility.
As conceived and directed by Christian Bernard (who had previously run the Villa Arson in Nice), MAMCO adopted a deliberately antiheroic program of experimenting rather than consecrating, responding creatively to the postmodernist interrogation of the museum as an institution.
Nowhere is the word "pathetic" used in the critical debate surrounding the Whitney show, but the connection Tucker and others perceived between "ambitious" art and ambitiously "unambitious" art links Tuttle of 1975 to contemporary antiheroic tendencies.
Resulta muy curioso considerar que, en el AaAaAeA mbito de la literatura portugues el autor argentino haya elegido el sAaAaAeA mbolo del heroAaAaAeA smo, CamAaAaAeA es, de la epopeya Os LusAaAaAeA adas, y un novelista que es sobremanera antiheroic o que, por lo menos, plantea formas suaves, atenuadas de heroAaAaAeA sm De hecho, a travAaAaAeA@s de Balderston, sabemos que a Borges le encanta en EAaAaAeAoa la ironAaAaAeA a, la sonrisa con que todo se matiza: "sonriente y mAaAaAeA l son los adjetivos que usa para clasificarlo (166).
Furthermore, Esther is not at all a mythical heroine; she is in fact quite antiheroic.
Having Bunny get away from Finch for a baseball game was a perfect scenario for his antiheroic screen relationship, and undoubtedly other such "Bunnyfinches" once existed.
He soon adopted a deceptively simple, antiheroic style focused on everyday life.
Cold War-era speculative fiction in America and Western Europe--often seen as the "golden years of science fiction" (Asimov & Greenberg, 1988)--frequently relied on the specter of collectivism and its implied or explicit threats to individualism as a foil for the story's heroic or antiheroic protagonist.
Tolkien," Philip Fitzsimmons asks us to consider two stories which seem uncharacteristically antiheroic in comparison to the rest of Tolkien's legendarium--the story of Turin Turambar, and in particular, the portrait of the failed marriage of Aldarion and Erendis in "The Mariner's Wife.
Conversations with Beethoven is, in many ways, an antiheroic novel, in which the great composer comes off as someone whose travails are like those of any other artist who lives a life of too much stress and too much alcohol.
6) The shorts are resolutely antiheroic and refuse to target obvious sources of oppression.