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(ăn`tĭfŏn, –fən), c.479–411 B.C., Athenian orator. He rarely spoke in public but wrote defenses for others to speak. Of his 15 extant orations 3 were for use in court, the rest probably for the instruction of his pupils. A few fragments of other speeches survive. Antiphon did much to advance Attic prose writing. His position in politics was with the conservative aristocrats, and he was instrumental in setting up the Four Hundred in 411 B.C. When they fell, Antiphon was among the first to be executed before AlcibiadesAlcibiades
, c.450–404 B.C., Athenian statesman and general. Of the family of Alcmaeonidae, he was a ward of Pericles and was for many years a devoted attendant of Socrates. He turned to politics after the Peace of Nicias (421 B.C.
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See R. K. Sprague, The Older Sophists (1972); Antiphon and Lysias (tr. by M. Edwards and S. Usher, 1985).


(ăn`tĭfən), in Roman Catholic liturgical music, generally a short text sung before and after a psalm or canticle. The main use is in group singing of the Divine Office in a monastery. However, the sung introit, offertory, and communion verses of the Mass are also antiphons, whose psalms have for the most part disappeared. Certain festival chants, sung preparatory to the Mass itself, are called antiphons. There are also the four antiphons of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which are in the nature of office hymns and are sung by alternating choirs (i.e., antiphonally), each one belonging to a certain portion of the year. The best known of these is Salve Regina, of whose text there are many polyphonic settings. Modern antiphons are set to composed music rather than plainsongplainsong
or plainchant,
the unharmonized chant of the medieval Christian liturgies in Europe and the Middle East; usually synonymous with Gregorian chant, the liturgical music of the Roman Catholic Church.
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. These are independent choral works for which the English term anthemanthem
[ultimately from antiphon], short nonliturgical choral composition used in Protestant services, usually accompanied and having an English text. The term is used in a broader sense for "national anthems" and for the Latin motets still used occasionally in Anglican services.
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 was derived from antiphon.


1. a short passage, usually from the Bible, recited or sung as a response after certain parts of a liturgical service
2. a psalm, hymn, etc., chanted or sung in alternate parts
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This practice of antiphony challenges especially the "guiding fiction" of essentialism.
Antiphony is a mode of performance in which two voices respond to one another.
It is in the tension between the individual voice and a collective chorus that the "condition of pain" involved in the Black Atlantic experience can be fully expressed; it is in a culture of antiphony, Beloved teaches us, that memory is not self-destructive, and that trauma can be overcome whole.
Moore, Lah, and Jeffrey Babin, Lecturer in Marketing for The Wharton School and Managing Director of Antiphony Partners, LLC, will be some of the speakers addressing these strategic challenges at the forum.
Then local farmer Walter Simon and the choir performed a rendition of what Stewart called the "Pisgah Antiphony.
a lover asks his beloved in Dante Gabriel Rossetti's "Youth's Antiphony," one of the sonnets in his sequence "The House of Life.
However cross-racial in its posturing-personas-of-recognizable possession (Slim Shady mounting the head of Marshall Mathers as fed-up-advent of eminently marketable white-boy "dread"), hip-hop remains quintessentially "Afro" in comportment and elocution, Imani Perry describes its obvious and compelling transnational hybridity, multi-regional affinity, and Creole originality as nonetheless unmistakably African American in aesthetic formation and political location, black in audience and conscious identification, ebonic and funked up in its get-down antiphony and bluesy (1) use of technology (Perry, 12-13, 20, 24).
This is such a vivid showcase for every section of the orchestra, right from the fanfaring antiphony of brass groups at the opening.
the old veiled brilliance of the strange vermilion of the languishing voice, null, without acolyte, it will throw away its gold among final splendours, still the antiphony of plaintiff hymns in the hour of agony and death-struggles
On September 19, we announced that we had retained Antiphony, a Philadelphia based strategy and management consulting firm, to assist us in a major planning process.
In Francisco Gomes da Rocha's Spiritus domini, the eight voices are split into two choruses that sing in lively antiphony in the first two movements, while the third movement is written for three voices only and sounds more somber.
I would suggest that two primary reasons for this, factors which bum at the core of the music and fuel its expressivity, are its abstractness and its antiphony.