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This is a photo of an antique glass vase that I inherited.
Vignettes ranging from delicate angels to beloved Santa figurines are arranged in greenery, on top of stacks of children's Christmas books, and on tables, along with a bright display of antique glass finials tucked into the garland on the mantel.
So-called 'stems' may not be the most collectable type of glassware, but they can still be impressive THERE are many areas of antique glass that are collected avidly, but according to dealer Mike Moir, most of us are generally not into collecting one of the most elegant forms: decorative wine glasses or "stems" as they are termed.
In the American era of the opalescent glass Tiffany and LaFarge, William Willet preferred the use of the translucent antique glass of European studios that had made the ancient Gothic Cathedrals so famous for their brilliant illumination.
They also knew how to use a coating that makes the acrylic look greenish, like antique glass.
In another instance, antique glass photographic plates (she collects them as a hobby) became the outer shell of a chandelier that, when turned on, illuminates each snapshot, depicting scenes from bygone times.
1) Use both hands when handling and lifting antique glass and ceramics.
His knowledge of antique glass, pewter-ware, clocks and other works of art was extensive.
e antique glass bottle is sealed and will remain so until it is opened at a special ceremony in the school's lecture theatre at 10am tomorrow.
The glasses will be sold by Surrey-based antique glass dealers Mark J West during the 23rd Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair at London's Olympia.
Retired ceramic engineer and active historian Williams began collecting antique glass cutters over 35 years ago, now has over 1,400, and figures he needs another 3,000 to complete his collection.
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