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Also, in a joint venture with Texas Instruments in 1994, Lockheed Martin received the Daedalians award for the Army's JAVELIN antitank missile program.
When in January the Israeli Army attempted to remove one set of bombs with a bulldozer, Hizbullah fighters fired an antitank missile at the vehicle the moment it strayed into Lebanese territory.
The M2A1, which incorporated the first in a series of improvements, received the improved TOW antitank missile system and a better chemical protection system.
Dragon and TOW antitank missiles, and the Franco-German MILAN antitank missile.
NLAW is a light, short-range, antitank missile for engaging main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.
Army on a project that involved the development of a guidance system for an antitank missile.
When asked what it was like in Lebanon, one member of an armed bulldozer crew who gave his first name as Naom said there had been an enormous amount of antitank missile fire.
Whatever protection levels are actually achieved, the bulky and high-sided AAAV will be easy to shoot at and will provide little or no protection against any rocket-propelled grenade (RPG), antitank missile, or tank that might be used against it.
At AUSA, the system also featured a Javelin antitank missile mounted on the right side of the weapon station, the link being provided by a small box installed under the bracket.
Second Class Takahide Yoshiaki, 33, had his right arm blown off by an antitank missile, which was set off accidentally while he was checking the safety of the tank's armaments, the officials said.
FNSS kept a growth potential for its new product, since the Claw can cradle a 30 mm cannon, receive an antitank missile launcher on the left side and an independent commander's sight on its roof, while protection can be increased at Level 3.