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Univariate analysis showed the following to be associated with death: older age, jaundice, anuria, and hemoptysis (Table 1).
other complications included rapid atrial fibrillation, anuria, elevated central venous pressures, high ventilatory requirements and pulmonary congestion.
Assessment of hourly urine output should include assessment of anuria (no urine output) and oliguria (less than 50 ml/hour) (see Table 3).
The diagnosis of AKI was based on anuria or oliguria (Urine output less than 400m 1/24 hours or falling urine output), however many patients with A.
One of the complications of NS is impaired renal function; mainly refer to proximal tubule lesions with clinical symptoms including oliguria anuria proteinuria acute tubular necrosis and even kidney failure.
Tras el trasplante el paciente presenta anuria por lo que se le realiza una sesion de hemodialisis por sobre carga de volumen.
1] for (>3/fold) from 24 h or anuria for baseline [or serum 12 h creatinine of [greater than or equal to] 4.
Several factors can be considered for selecting the criteria for the initiation of renal replacement therapy as anuria or oliguria (urine output, 200 ml/12 hours), hyperkalaemia (K .
Diagnosis of HUS was based on the presence of hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, and anuria.
Two months after the excision of the scalp lesion, the patient presented to the emergency room with lethargy, weakness, nausea and anuria.
Signs and symptoms of shock include: hemorrhage, hypotension, olguria or anuria, confusion, irritability, restlessness, unconsciousness, tachycardia, and cool and clammy skin (Swearingen, 1994; Tierney et al.
After seventeen days of procedure she developed anuria and could not be saved in spite of vigorous try.