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Table-2: Frequency of number of apical foramina (%) in mesial and distal roots of mandibular first molars as reported in the literature.
Nonparametric Friedman variance analysis was used to determine whether wave eIII and eV latencies and amplitudes evoked in EABR differed in apical, medial and basal electrodes.
The apical sealing ability of MTA as retrograde filling material has been tested through different leakage techniques like dye leakage, fluid filtration, protein leakage and bacterial leakage.
The images were taken from the 2nd, 7th, and 11th millimeter distances to the apices for the smear evaluations of the apical, middle, and coronal one-thirds, respectively (Figure 1).
In single cone obturation technique, there is greater interaction of single master cone with the sealer to provide an adequate seal and also volume of sealer used is larger as compared to other and thus it can be said that there is increased chance of voids in SC obturation technique as compared to other techniques and these voids are very critical in apical region, because it plays an important role in success of any root canal treatment, therefore in this study area of sealer voids after SC obturation is evaluated.[3,12)
In the specimens from Santa Marta examined the inner proximal seta of P4ENP3 does not reach beyond the apical inner seta (Fig.
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