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Glycogen, essential form of carbohydrates reserves, is reduced on day 3 of the pupal stage, coinciding with the apolysis and is linked to chitin synthesis (El Ouar et al.
The nature and the levels of ecdysteroids in hemolymph and ovaries by an enzyme immunoassay using two systems of antibodies reveals the presence of two main hormone: 20- hydroxyecdysone and ecdysone, while the changes in hormonal concentration in hemolymph during the molt cycle shows a single peak that occurred at the beginning of the pre-molt (stage D) and coincides with the apolysis [27, 38].
As in other crustacean species [28, 30, 36, 46, 47], the secretion of the old cuticle continue from stage A until the end of stage C, while during the stage D, we observe the apolysis, the secretion of the new cuticle and the digestion of the old cuticle [7].
Ya sea como continuacion de aquel ideal de una "segunda independencia" formulado por nuestros romanticos, como denuncia del imperialismo, o como programa de emancipacion de las clases oprimidas, la libertad, es entendida por Roig en el sentido de un desatamiento (apolysis), por oposicion a la libertad puramente interior (eleutheria).
Los generos exclusivos de Quilamula en relacion al Canon de Lobos son: (1) Apolysis Loew, 1860, (2) Heterotropus Loew, 1873, (3) Metacosmus Coquillett, 1891 y (4) Phthria Meigen, 1820.
[C.sub.4] is the start of the intermolt period and in D, there is a transition from intermolt to premolt or proecdysis, involving retraction of the epidermis (apolysis), dissolution of the membranous layer, absorption of calcium from the endocuticle and deposition of new epicuticle and exocuticle; and in stage E, ecdysis takes place (reviewed by Smolowitz et al.
After apolysis, invaginations separating prospective lobes were evident at the distal edges.