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A final diagnosis of acute pituitary apoplexy complicating a pituitary macro-adenoma was made.
The medical professionals of the time used the term of apoplexy, which originated with Hippocrates (Garrison, 1969).
Key Words: pseudoaneurysm, syphilis, lipase, apoplexy
The topics include multiple paraclinoid aneurysms of the internal carotid artery, a case of carotid artery reconstruction, the surgical removal of pilocytic astrocytoma from the brain stem and thalamus, subarachoid hemorrhage with bilateral aneurysms and apoplexy of pituitary macroadenoma, large meningioma of the jugular tubercle and foramen magnum, intramedullary spinal arteriovenous malformation, intraosseous tumor of the cervical spine, and fibrous dysplasia of the paranasal sinuses and anterior cranial base.
Tiffs apoplexy, however appropriate to the repulsiveness of its catalyst, is surely fueled by powerlessness.
One condition that affects birds is apoplexy - where the bird shows lack of coordination, loss of consciousness and collapse.
Pituitary Apoplexy After Administration of Heparin and Isosorbide Dinitrate
The rates of death from heart disease and apoplexy declined for both men and women, while the death rate of cancer for men was 214.
The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry implemented trial runs in 1999 and 2000 in Kanagawa and Okayama prefectures, and the ministry estimates deaths from cerebral apoplexy, traffic accidents and other situations requiring immediate medical attention, were nearly halved as a result.
I fell to drinking with a Doctor Tom De Quincey, Who claimed he'd found the one and true catholicon For palsy, gout, apoplexy, rabies, quinsy, And every other ailment in the lexicon.
Columnist Frank Rich, who to GOP becoming something of a medical oddity having sustained a state of perpetual apoplexy ever since the Republicans seized Congress in November 1994, was typically overwrought, decrying less the Republicans' "masterpiece of disingenuousness" than the networks' failure to use their air time to unmask the lies.
the "bombshell" David Watkins memo portraying Hillary Rodham Clinton as Medusa, the President's threat to pop William Safire in the schnoz, the grand-jury testimony, and the apoplexy about all this by our favorite pundits, I have to deal with the latest episode in one of the Republicans'--and hence the media's--favorite parlor games: pin the crime on the First Lady.