apostolic delegate

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apostolic delegate:

see legatelegate
[Lat. legare=to send], one sent as a representative of a state or of some high authority. In Roman history a legate was sent by the senate to the provinces as an envoy of the emperor. Sometime during the 12th cent.
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24) An unsigned letter or draft addressed to the Apostolic Delegate in 1932 asserted that the Anglicization program of O'Leary was anti-French.
The apostolic delegate there was an Italian, unacceptable to the British, occupiers in all but name.
The situation came to an open fight between the apostolic delegate, who protested in the name of Boris's duties in this matter, and the Bulgarian press, which supported the orthodox character of the Tsar's family.
The Vatican has diplomatic relations with most countries in the world and sends a papal nuncio or apostolic delegate to represent its interests.
Guests of honor included Carlos Morales Troncoso, the host nation's secretary of foreign affairs, and Jozef Wesolowski, Apostolic delegate and dean of the diplomatic corps in the Dominican Republic.
In February 1925, Calles ordered closer scrutiny of the clergy's activities, and exiled apostolic delegate Archbishop Ernesto Filippi.
In his second report, he wrote openly about the increasingly radical nature of the Nazi state, noting that "serenity and competence" were "more and more lacking in high places of command" and that there existed a "state of mood that [Orsenigo thought] greased the anti-Semitic events, [a state of mood that] reveals always more and more turbulence and agitation, and is increasingly less able to be controlled" (Letters from Apostolic Delegate to Germany Cesare Orsenigo, Berlin, to Secretary of State Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli, 15 and 19 November 1938.
Son of a Swiss stationmaster,Heim was initially apostolic delegate toBritain in 1973.
11] Approached to convey a request to the pope for preliminary discussions, the apostolic delegate, Archbishop William Godfrey, told Bell that a proposal for a statement issued simultaneously by the different Christian bodies would receive more favorable consideration.
The Vatican was directly involved through Pio Laghi, its apostolic delegate to Washington, D.
In 1978 Archbishop Prigione was appointed apostolic delegate to Mexico and his main mission became the cultivation of good relations with the wealthy and powerful and the restoration of state recognition of the church, something denied since the Revolution of 1910.
In the Philippines, devotion to the image can be traced back to 1922, when Archbishop William Piani was designated Apostolic Delegate to the country by Pope Pius XI.