technology gap

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technology gap

(1) The difference in technologies used and/or developed in two companies or two countries where one is more advanced than the other.

(2) The difference between current-day products and the technology on the drawing boards.

(3) The difference between people who use computers and mobile devices regularly and those who do not. The technology gap is a serious impediment to students in households that cannot afford a computer or pay for monthly Internet access. Also known as the "digital divide" and "app gap." See e-learning and creative destruction.

New York-Washington Corridor
In 2021, this government map of broadband usage shows how the affluent parts of the U.S. have coverage, whereas the rural areas (red) do not.
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Think about what the app gap might mean if your professor says you need to run a special program to enter data, create images or write your own software.
Over the last several years, we have seen the digital divide and app gap closing, which is a very positive development for our country.'
The app gap, hardware gap, and consumer awareness gap have all grown too deep to bridge.
For now, Microsoft is still trying to narrow the app gap that Windows smartphones face versus Google and Apple.
And it closes our app gap. We are also able to embed security and privacy into Android, which is an underserved segment.
Project Astoria is one four software bridges that were designed to close the 'app gap' on Windows and Windows phone.
"Given the importance of phonological awareness and how it contributes to school readiness, using digital resources in a highly controlled setting, like a classroom, may substantially help to close the 'app gap,'" concludes Neuman.
If you write a security policy against, it does not cover the and we call that the mobile app gap," explains Yun.
While there is concern about the "app gap" (http://www.edutopia.
But Chrome OS still has a big shortcoming compared to Windows and macOS: an app gap.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Low sales, stagnation, a formidable app gap and lack of popular features.
But, be advised, if you are dabbling with the platform for the first time, there are quite a few app gaps that still need filling.